Women and Technology – Sony’s Fashionable Little Laptop

Many technology companies are starting to design more and more for women. I have always been partial to having a small, light, yet power laptop. I have a Dell, and like all laptop users I have a personal relationship with my laptop and a dependency of sorts.

Blackberry is making colourful and smaller handheld devices, is making cameras to fit a women’s hand. Women demand smaller lighter equipment but 100% functional and powerful. This season at London Fashion Week Sony was one of the official sponsors of Vauxhall Fashion Scout. During William Tempest‘s show a few VIP guests were treated to the VAIO laptop. The laptop weighs only 639 grams and is smaller than this months Vogue! I really love the intergration of fashion and technlology, functionality is really important to be but so is design. I like working with beautiful objects.

The team from Sony were backstage filming during our show. William even designed some custom laptop bags in his diamond print for the VAIO laptop.

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2 comments on “Women and Technology – Sony’s Fashionable Little Laptop

  1. Make Do Style
    March 17, 2009 at 20:20

    Ilove my sony vaio although it is not the small slim kind and my blackberry!
    Yes I’m free – more time for cake before I have to get down to some hard work again!!

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