Fabric Shopping for my Graduate Collection

As the Nottingham Trent graduate fashion show is fast approaching, last weekend I went back to London for the weekend to source some fabric samples for my collection. I went to Berwick Street, just off Oxford Street and began scouring the for something amazing that would make my collection something special. I was also looking for jersey in white and black, in which to shred and dip dye.

Unfortunately as it was a Saturday afternoon and there were tons of students doing exactly as I was on this particular day, I had to purchase 10cm samples or 25cm of the fabric and pay that percentage of the total price of the fabric. Whereas on the weekdays, between certain times, the fabric samples are free.

Surprisingly I found some better plain jersey in cream and black in John Lewis for around £10.00 a meter, than on Berwick Street. However, I found a beautiful fabric in the Cloth Shop, which is coincidently called ‘Shredded Jersey’ (as is what I have called the fabric manipulation to jersey that I have been doing)! The fabric consists of jersey that looks as though it has holes that have been cut out at random, and this has been carefully hand stitched on top of a sheer black fabric; I instantly fell in love with it and thought it would be in keeping with my collection. After later finding out it is £55.00 a meter, I questioned it’s use- but I think it will be worth it!

Shredded Jersey

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    March 21, 2009 at 14:14

    When i was at uni we would go to the wholesale places for fabrics that supply places like the cloth house. much cheaper. Also theres a cloth house in derby I think that is cheaper than london places.

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