Assisting at London Fashion Week

In February I took a little time out from working on my 3rd year collection and went back to London to help Rebekah Roy backstage at some fashion shows at London Fashion Week. The shows I assisted at were the Ones To Watch, Romeo Pires, Harriet’s Muse and .


Friday 20th February: The Ones To Watch showcasing 4 new designers might-T by Kumiko Watari, Lu Flux, Alice Palmer and Studio_805. The backstage area was quite chaotic as there were 4 different designers with about 12 looks each. There were tons of models therefore lots of hairdressers and make up artists- as well as the designers and assistants. However the show ran smoothly!

Saturday 21st February: Romeo Pires showcasing a collection of backwards-worn garments along with amazing bizarre backwards shoes and hair. The garments are also inspiring for my collection as I am interested in how clothes can be worn on the wrong part of the body. (Referencing the Monolith Totem Pole, Oslo).

While I was in London, Rebekah gave me the opportunity to see some fashion shows! After the show I worked at on the Saturday afternoon, I dashed across London to see the Basso and Brook show, which was amazing. There was a very feminine feel to the garments -almost like a tea party with floral printed silks and satins.

I also got to see the Horace show, which is a much punkier and edgier brand aimed at a younger audience. Guys and girls strutted down the runway presenting some very 90’s shredded denim and tons and tons of black.

Monday 23rd February: The Harriet’s Muse presentation was taking place. The backstage area was quite relaxed as there were only 4 looks in total. I helped out by sewing on buttons onto the amazing dresses. The presentation was a styling display; with the designers themselves dressing the 4 models live on stage.

Straight afterwards was the call time for the William Tempest show and compared to the other shows the backstage area was very organised. My time was spent double checking the looks on a few of the models and making sure the shoes were comfortable for them and if not adding an insole etc.

Overall the experience that I have gained at London Fashion Week is so invaluable and I am keeping my fingers crossed that I get to help out at London Fashion Week in September 2009!

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  1. Laura Simpson
    April 12, 2009 at 23:23

    Hi! that sounded amazing! im a 3rd year textile fashion student and would love to help at London fashion week, and was wondering how you got to help out?

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