Harriet’s Muse Catwalk Presentation for London Fashion Week

Harriet’s Muse designers Craig Spellar and Cheryl Langley did a live presentation on the catwalk during London Fashion Week. I find it ironic as they are two very unassuming designers, who would prefer not to take a bow on stage after the show and here they are on stage performing!

Craig and Cheryl recycled fabrics and old patterns creating four new dresses. The fabrics were over-dyed, shredded and brushed to create something wonderful and new.

I’ve worked with Harriet’s Muse for many years and it’s amazing to see an old garment reinvented and given new life and still remain in their signature style: corsets, leather waist cinchers, layers of french silk and long ribbon. You recognize a fabric from a few seasons ago and you see it in a whole new way.

In this show even though most of it happens on stage there is always something to do before the show! All my assistants can sew and are super fabulous!!

Craig and Cheryl wiring a dress.

Rachel Wood did the makeup look and Tim Furssdonn from Toni & Guy styled the hair. We’ve worked together with Harriet’s Muse for years so it just feels so easy and calm backstage – and fun!

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