Abigail Clancy at Britain’s Next Top Model

The finale filming of Season 5 of Britain’s Next Top Model took place on Tuesday evening where I met Abigail Clancy as she was admiring my Louis Mariette head piece!

I just love her Liverpudlian accent – it’s so cute! Anyway in 2006, the second season of Living TV’s Britain’s Next Top Model Abigail Clancy was one of the thirteen finalists in the competition, competing over 10 weeks for a modelling contract. Even though she didn’t win (Leanne Fowler did) the show coincided with the 2006 FIFA World Cup, and Abigial’s relationship with football star Peter Crouch was revealed. The UK can’t resist a pretty girl and a football and after being in Maxim, Nuts, OK!, GQ, The Sun newspaper, the Daily Star newspaper and Sugar magazine Abigail held her own!

Regardless of what made her famous she’s really sweet and friendly and I liked her in her own reality TV series Abbey and Janice: Beauty and the Best .

What is a WAG? For all the non-UK readers: a WAG is one of the Wives And Girlfriends of high-profile footballers.

Look out for hatter Louis Mariette as he’s one of the judges on Season 5 of Britain’s Next Top Model!

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