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Entries from March 2009

Race for Life!

Posted by Rebekah Roy on March 31st, 2009

Race for Life1 Race for Life!You’re invited to do something amazing. Enter Cancer Research UK’s Race for Life 2009 and simply walk, jog or run 5k to raise money to help beat cancer.

Join the thousands of women who will come together this summer to raise money so that Cancer Research UK can continue its life-saving work.

Race for Life is the largest women-only fundraising event in the UK, where women of all ages and fitness levels come together raise money for Cancer Research UK’s life-saving work.
More than 1 in 3 people will develop some form of cancer during their lifetime. Cancer can develop at any age, but is most common in older people. Around three-quarters of cases occur in people aged 60 and over.

Cancer Research UK has been at the forefront of progress in cancer research for over a century.
Since Race for Life began in 1994, death rates for:
• ovarian cancer have dropped by around 10%
• lung cancer have dropped by almost a fifth
• bowel cancer have dropped by more than a fifth
• cervical cancer have dropped by more than 40%
• breast cancer has fallen by almost a fifth over the past 10 years (and almost two thirds of women diagnosed with breast cancer today are now likely to survive for at least 20 years).

Race for Life2 Race for Life! But we still have so much work to do to beat cancer. This year we need to raise £62.5 million so we can keep the momentum going to achieve our vision of beating cancer.

Cancer Research UK is almost entirely funded by donations from the public so every penny raised in Race for Life sponsorship goes towards funding the work of over 4,500 doctors, nurses and scientists dedicated to finding new ways to diagnose, prevent and treat cancer.

Over four million women have taken part in Race for Life in the past fifteen years, raising over £240 million for Cancer Research UK’s world-class research. It’s thanks to the generosity our supporters and those taking part in Race for Life that has helped Cancer Research UK make a difference to people with cancer.
There is no prize for first place – you can walk, jog or run the 5k course at your own pace. Almost half of Race for Life participants chose to walk at their event.

There are over 230 Race for Life events taking place across the UK during May, June and July so there is bound to be one near you.

Do something amazing this summer and enter now at or by calling 0871 641 2282.

And if you can’t take part for whatever reason, you can do your bit to help Race for Life by inviting every woman you know to take part.

Race for Life3 Race for Life!

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Street Chic on Vogue

Posted by Rebekah Roy on March 31st, 2009

Street Chic Rebekah Roy Vogue Street Chic on Vogue

I feel very lucky to be on Vogue Street Chic. I’m always checking out online street styles around the world. It just amazes me that all this information is just a few clicks away. I remember going to see trend presentations by Cotton Inc and we were looking at denim samples that they had sourced from all over the world. It was amazing to see all the samples they collected and listen to all their fashion stories.

Trend presentations are still important. It’s essential to touch the fabric and see how they move but it’s amazing that we can see all these different styles online including mine!

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An Interview with Rita Nazareno of S.C. Vizcarra 1925

Posted by Rebekah Roy on March 29th, 2009

SCVizcarra handbag An Interview with Rita Nazareno of S.C. Vizcarra 1925I’ve been friends with Rita Nazareno for a while now and she’s always caring these fabulous leather woven bags so I just had to ask her about them!

You studied and worked in media? What is your background?
RN – I was in television in America for a while – I was Senior Producer at the Fox station in Los Angeles and then Creative Services Director of the local NBC station in Houston where I branded the station, managed the Art and Promotions Departments and fostered relationships with the community.
I was involved in filmmaking when I was younger – I did everything from being a PA to shooting (8mm, 16mm, 35mm and video) eventually writing and directing. My BA was on TV Production and my first Masters was on Film and Video.

FWI – Rita has received: 1 Emmy Award (Los Angeles) and 5 Gold + 1 Silver ProMax Awards!

SCVizcarra handbag 1 An Interview with Rita Nazareno of S.C. Vizcarra 1925

Were you reluctant to enter the family business?
RN – I wasn’t reluctant at all, because at some point I knew it was in me to enter the family business. I think I had to prove my mettle in my own way before I felt I’d be worthy enough to go back home. At some point I felt that I had achieved what I had wanted to in television and it was time for me to give back to our workers and my family, especially mom, who deserves a vacation!

When did you become involved in the family business?
I’ve always been a consultant and special projects manager for S.C. Vizcarra, but one could say I’ve been involved since I was 5. S.C.Vizcarra had a huge store in the 70’s and I was behind the counter, putting into bags and boxes all the items Japanese tourists were buying. Around that time the Jackson 5 came to Manila. We closed the store down for them – and I even got a kiss from a young Michael Jackson!

SCVizcarra handbag 2 An Interview with Rita Nazareno of S.C. Vizcarra 1925

Your grandmother started the business in 1925, and your mother continued?
RN – My grandmother started her eponymous company in 1925, as an atelier for fine, hand-embroidered creations. The atelier moved to retail, still selling crafted objects from the Philippines. It then evolved into manufacturing hand-woven items under my mom’s direction.
My Lola Gunding, as I called her, was an amazing woman – such compassion coupled with creativity. And boy, she worked hard. But I do remember her laugh – it was a big, infectious laugh. She was incredible – she was born from a poor family, only finishing the 2nd grade but she had this gift for embroidery, and the good fortune of having people believe in her talent.SCVizcarra handbag 3 An Interview with Rita Nazareno of S.C. Vizcarra 1925
My grandmother embroidered the gift of the Philippine government to the then Princess Elizabeth’s wedding to Prince Philip, a delicate trousseau made from pineapple fibers, an indigenous material. My grandmother was also commissioned to embroider the American flag that was raised during Philippine Independence.

Was it predominantly the women in your family that created the business? Were the men involved?
RN – My grandmother was the force behind it all. But my grandfather – whom my grandmother married in 1943 – was an artist, a sculptor. He helped the company a great deal, illustrated a lot of my grandmother’s designs, even designed the logo, which we still use today. He also helped in developing the woodcarving industry in the Philippines.SCVizcarra handbag 4 An Interview with Rita Nazareno of S.C. Vizcarra 1925
My Mom is also just as amazing – she’s got such a huge heart and works equally hard. My dad – who handles another Vizcarra company (Pharmaceuticals) along with my younger sister – also does some designs. He switches very effortlessly from Pharmaceuticals to making accessories and furniture. He made our dining table and chairs, our headboards, and even our office furniture!
When my grandmother started her company, she had a group of young ladies helping her with the embroidery. When I was growing up, that particular group of ladies were in their 60s, and I remember them still embroidering with their thick glasses, always joking and laughing. I’d be hanging out in their area, just listening to all the gossip. About 15 years ago, we threw a party for the last remaining lady of the group – something like 60 years of service to S.C. Vizcarra. She refused to retire and she came to work everyday – so she became the holder of the keys. She must have had 50 keys that she held on to. No one can get past her too – I called her Lola Pina (Grandmother Pina).

SCVizcarra handbag 5 An Interview with Rita Nazareno of S.C. Vizcarra 1925

What brought you to London?
RN – S.C.Vizcarra needed to expand to Europe and I’m here trying to learn the ins and outs of the UK industry – like looking for stockists that are a good fit, and getting to know people in the fashion community. I also am doing another Masters (MA Design Management) at London College of Fashion.

How long does it take to make one of your bags?
RN – Some of our bags take 2-3 days to produce – specifically the natural leather ones woven from one piece of leather so it has no seams. It’s really quite an intricate process and some of our weaves are quite innovative. We’re just really proud of our artisans.SCVizcarra handbag 6 An Interview with Rita Nazareno of S.C. Vizcarra 1925

Do you take private orders in London?
RN – You can find our range of hand-woven bags and home accessories on SC Vizcarra1925. And yes, we do take private orders – just email us at for enquiries. Or email me,

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English Weather and the WedgeWelly

Posted by Rebekah Roy on March 28th, 2009

Wedge Welly rain boots English Weather and the WedgeWellyIt’s always a challenge to know what shoes to wear, in London more so than most other places. The weather can change so many times during the day that I never feel quite appropriately dressed. I wore my WedgeWelly boots – which was great because not only did it rain but we had a huge hail storm which then turned into heavy rain.


I can’t tell you how much I hate having wet feet – it’s just miserable and I become annoying to be around because I’m so distraught . I was doing prep last week for a shoot and it was raining and my feet were soaked – but did I learn -  the next day it was blue skies so I wore my shoes but of course when I got out of the tube there was a downpour. Will I ever learn? Well, yes – that’s why this weekend I’ve been out and about enjoying a croque-monsieur (without ham – so really it’s just a delicious grill cheese sandwich) with a cafe latte and perfectly dry feet!


I love my "Candy Girl" WedgeWelly boots and I’m thinking of getting another pair – I know black would be great and would work with everything but I’m kind of partial to the Python pair!


wellystrip ss09 wedge welly English Weather and the WedgeWelly



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The Masculine Side of Makeup

Posted by Rachel Wood on March 26th, 2009

Hoola Bronzer Benefit The Masculine Side of MakeupSo this past week I laughed my way through a photo shoot  for a magazine with Comedian Michael McItyre. when I was telling one of my friends about it, they were surprised? Why would he need a makeup artist? Well, it seemed perfectly normal to me, if you are on TV or the subject for a photo shoot- you most likely are going to need someone like me…especially men!

Doing men’s makeup can sometimes be tricky depending on the circumstances. If it is a model, well it’s a no brainer; they look pretty and don’t have a choice on what I do makeup wise. If it is an actor, well they are use to being made up but I am very conscious that they don’t look too overdone makeup wise and I am pretty light handed on the application. The hardest people can be sports personalities or a "real life" male, someone who is getting some publicity for a magazine or tv who isn’t use to having makeup put on them. They can squirm in the chair and make faces etc. So I have a rule never keep them in my chair for longer than 7 minutes – if it can’t be done in that time well then it ain’t going to happen!

As a makeup artist you also have to be confident and hold your own when it comes to getting your male subjects made up. I’ve had a few arguments with rock stars in my time who insist on wearing glasses in every photo rather than have makeup but by the end of the shoot they usually are kidding around with me, asking me to come on tour cause they look so good.

Here are a few of my favourite products to use on men:

MAC studio fix- really good for TV, it’s a foundation and powder 2 in 1 product. I dust it on with a brush for a light coverage.
Aramis healthy look gel – gives a sheer stain to the skin for an outdoor type glow.
Hulla bronzer by Benefit – there is no glitter or orange tone in the bronzer so they get some colour without sparkle.
MAC smoulder pencil – the blackest black for rock and roll eyes-I used it on a shoot with Jared Leto when he was in town with his band 30 Seconds to Mars And  I always pack a bottle of eye drops!

Here are a few of the men I had the pleasure to work with recently:

Pete Doherty

Pete Doherty The Masculine Side of Makeup

30 Second to Mars

30 seconds to mars The Masculine Side of Makeup

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