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Race for Life!

Posted by Rebekah Roy on March 31st, 2009

Race for Life1 Race for Life!You’re invited to do something amazing. Enter Cancer Research UK’s Race for Life 2009 and simply walk, jog or run 5k to raise money to help beat cancer.

Join the thousands of women who will come together this summer to raise money so that Cancer Research UK can continue its life-saving work.

Race for Life is the largest women-only fundraising event in the UK, where women of all ages and fitness levels come together raise money for Cancer Research UK’s life-saving work.
More than 1 in 3 people will develop some form of cancer during their lifetime. Cancer can develop at any age, but is most common in older people. Around three-quarters of cases occur in people aged 60 and over.

Cancer Research UK has been at the forefront of progress in cancer research for over a century.
Since Race for Life began in 1994, death rates for:
• ovarian cancer have dropped by around 10%
• lung cancer have dropped by almost a fifth
• bowel cancer have dropped by more than a fifth
• cervical cancer have dropped by more than 40%
• breast cancer has fallen by almost a fifth over the past 10 years (and almost two thirds of women diagnosed with breast cancer today are now likely to survive for at least 20 years).

Race for Life2 Race for Life! But we still have so much work to do to beat cancer. This year we need to raise £62.5 million so we can keep the momentum going to achieve our vision of beating cancer.

Cancer Research UK is almost entirely funded by donations from the public so every penny raised in Race for Life sponsorship goes towards funding the work of over 4,500 doctors, nurses and scientists dedicated to finding new ways to diagnose, prevent and treat cancer.

Over four million women have taken part in Race for Life in the past fifteen years, raising over £240 million for Cancer Research UK’s world-class research. It’s thanks to the generosity our supporters and those taking part in Race for Life that has helped Cancer Research UK make a difference to people with cancer.
There is no prize for first place – you can walk, jog or run the 5k course at your own pace. Almost half of Race for Life participants chose to walk at their event.

There are over 230 Race for Life events taking place across the UK during May, June and July so there is bound to be one near you.

Do something amazing this summer and enter now at or by calling 0871 641 2282.

And if you can’t take part for whatever reason, you can do your bit to help Race for Life by inviting every woman you know to take part.

Race for Life3 Race for Life!

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Street Chic on Vogue

Posted by Rebekah Roy on March 31st, 2009

Street Chic Rebekah Roy Vogue Street Chic on Vogue

I feel very lucky to be on Vogue Street Chic. I’m always checking out online street styles around the world. It just amazes me that all this information is just a few clicks away. I remember going to see trend presentations by Cotton Inc and we were looking at denim samples that they had sourced from all over the world. It was amazing to see all the samples they collected and listen to all their fashion stories.

Trend presentations are still important. It’s essential to touch the fabric and see how they move but it’s amazing that we can see all these different styles online including mine!

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An Interview with Rita Nazareno of S.C. Vizcarra 1925

Posted by Rebekah Roy on March 29th, 2009

SCVizcarra handbag An Interview with Rita Nazareno of S.C. Vizcarra 1925I’ve been friends with Rita Nazareno for a while now and she’s always caring these fabulous leather woven bags so I just had to ask her about them!

You studied and worked in media? What is your background?
RN – I was in television in America for a while – I was Senior Producer at the Fox station in Los Angeles and then Creative Services Director of the local NBC station in Houston where I branded the station, managed the Art and Promotions Departments and fostered relationships with the community.
I was involved in filmmaking when I was younger – I did everything from being a PA to shooting (8mm, 16mm, 35mm and video) eventually writing and directing. My BA was on TV Production and my first Masters was on Film and Video.

FWI – Rita has received: 1 Emmy Award (Los Angeles) and 5 Gold + 1 Silver ProMax Awards!

SCVizcarra handbag 1 An Interview with Rita Nazareno of S.C. Vizcarra 1925

Were you reluctant to enter the family business?
RN – I wasn’t reluctant at all, because at some point I knew it was in me to enter the family business. I think I had to prove my mettle in my own way before I felt I’d be worthy enough to go back home. At some point I felt that I had achieved what I had wanted to in television and it was time for me to give back to our workers and my family, especially mom, who deserves a vacation!

When did you become involved in the family business?
I’ve always been a consultant and special projects manager for S.C. Vizcarra, but one could say I’ve been involved since I was 5. S.C.Vizcarra had a huge store in the 70′s and I was behind the counter, putting into bags and boxes all the items Japanese tourists were buying. Around that time the Jackson 5 came to Manila. We closed the store down for them – and I even got a kiss from a young Michael Jackson!

SCVizcarra handbag 2 An Interview with Rita Nazareno of S.C. Vizcarra 1925

Your grandmother started the business in 1925, and your mother continued?
RN – My grandmother started her eponymous company in 1925, as an atelier for fine, hand-embroidered creations. The atelier moved to retail, still selling crafted objects from the Philippines. It then evolved into manufacturing hand-woven items under my mom’s direction.
My Lola Gunding, as I called her, was an amazing woman – such compassion coupled with creativity. And boy, she worked hard. But I do remember her laugh – it was a big, infectious laugh. She was incredible – she was born from a poor family, only finishing the 2nd grade but she had this gift for embroidery, and the good fortune of having people believe in her talent.SCVizcarra handbag 3 An Interview with Rita Nazareno of S.C. Vizcarra 1925
My grandmother embroidered the gift of the Philippine government to the then Princess Elizabeth’s wedding to Prince Philip, a delicate trousseau made from pineapple fibers, an indigenous material. My grandmother was also commissioned to embroider the American flag that was raised during Philippine Independence.

Was it predominantly the women in your family that created the business? Were the men involved?
RN – My grandmother was the force behind it all. But my grandfather – whom my grandmother married in 1943 – was an artist, a sculptor. He helped the company a great deal, illustrated a lot of my grandmother’s designs, even designed the logo, which we still use today. He also helped in developing the woodcarving industry in the Philippines.SCVizcarra handbag 4 An Interview with Rita Nazareno of S.C. Vizcarra 1925
My Mom is also just as amazing – she’s got such a huge heart and works equally hard. My dad – who handles another Vizcarra company (Pharmaceuticals) along with my younger sister – also does some designs. He switches very effortlessly from Pharmaceuticals to making accessories and furniture. He made our dining table and chairs, our headboards, and even our office furniture!
When my grandmother started her company, she had a group of young ladies helping her with the embroidery. When I was growing up, that particular group of ladies were in their 60s, and I remember them still embroidering with their thick glasses, always joking and laughing. I’d be hanging out in their area, just listening to all the gossip. About 15 years ago, we threw a party for the last remaining lady of the group – something like 60 years of service to S.C. Vizcarra. She refused to retire and she came to work everyday – so she became the holder of the keys. She must have had 50 keys that she held on to. No one can get past her too – I called her Lola Pina (Grandmother Pina).

SCVizcarra handbag 5 An Interview with Rita Nazareno of S.C. Vizcarra 1925

What brought you to London?
RN – S.C.Vizcarra needed to expand to Europe and I’m here trying to learn the ins and outs of the UK industry – like looking for stockists that are a good fit, and getting to know people in the fashion community. I also am doing another Masters (MA Design Management) at London College of Fashion.

How long does it take to make one of your bags?
RN – Some of our bags take 2-3 days to produce – specifically the natural leather ones woven from one piece of leather so it has no seams. It’s really quite an intricate process and some of our weaves are quite innovative. We’re just really proud of our artisans.SCVizcarra handbag 6 An Interview with Rita Nazareno of S.C. Vizcarra 1925

Do you take private orders in London?
RN – You can find our range of hand-woven bags and home accessories on SC Vizcarra1925. And yes, we do take private orders – just email us at for enquiries. Or email me,

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English Weather and the WedgeWelly

Posted by Rebekah Roy on March 28th, 2009

Wedge Welly rain boots English Weather and the WedgeWellyIt’s always a challenge to know what shoes to wear, in London more so than most other places. The weather can change so many times during the day that I never feel quite appropriately dressed. I wore my WedgeWelly boots – which was great because not only did it rain but we had a huge hail storm which then turned into heavy rain.


I can’t tell you how much I hate having wet feet – it’s just miserable and I become annoying to be around because I’m so distraught . I was doing prep last week for a shoot and it was raining and my feet were soaked – but did I learn -  the next day it was blue skies so I wore my shoes but of course when I got out of the tube there was a downpour. Will I ever learn? Well, yes – that’s why this weekend I’ve been out and about enjoying a croque-monsieur (without ham – so really it’s just a delicious grill cheese sandwich) with a cafe latte and perfectly dry feet!


I love my "Candy Girl" WedgeWelly boots and I’m thinking of getting another pair – I know black would be great and would work with everything but I’m kind of partial to the Python pair!


wellystrip ss09 wedge welly English Weather and the WedgeWelly



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The Masculine Side of Makeup

Posted by Rachel Wood on March 26th, 2009

Hoola Bronzer Benefit The Masculine Side of MakeupSo this past week I laughed my way through a photo shoot  for a magazine with Comedian Michael McItyre. when I was telling one of my friends about it, they were surprised? Why would he need a makeup artist? Well, it seemed perfectly normal to me, if you are on TV or the subject for a photo shoot- you most likely are going to need someone like me…especially men!

Doing men’s makeup can sometimes be tricky depending on the circumstances. If it is a model, well it’s a no brainer; they look pretty and don’t have a choice on what I do makeup wise. If it is an actor, well they are use to being made up but I am very conscious that they don’t look too overdone makeup wise and I am pretty light handed on the application. The hardest people can be sports personalities or a "real life" male, someone who is getting some publicity for a magazine or tv who isn’t use to having makeup put on them. They can squirm in the chair and make faces etc. So I have a rule never keep them in my chair for longer than 7 minutes – if it can’t be done in that time well then it ain’t going to happen!

As a makeup artist you also have to be confident and hold your own when it comes to getting your male subjects made up. I’ve had a few arguments with rock stars in my time who insist on wearing glasses in every photo rather than have makeup but by the end of the shoot they usually are kidding around with me, asking me to come on tour cause they look so good.

Here are a few of my favourite products to use on men:

MAC studio fix- really good for TV, it’s a foundation and powder 2 in 1 product. I dust it on with a brush for a light coverage.
Aramis healthy look gel – gives a sheer stain to the skin for an outdoor type glow.
Hulla bronzer by Benefit – there is no glitter or orange tone in the bronzer so they get some colour without sparkle.
MAC smoulder pencil – the blackest black for rock and roll eyes-I used it on a shoot with Jared Leto when he was in town with his band 30 Seconds to Mars And  I always pack a bottle of eye drops!

Here are a few of the men I had the pleasure to work with recently:

Pete Doherty

Pete Doherty The Masculine Side of Makeup

30 Second to Mars

30 seconds to mars The Masculine Side of Makeup

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The Panama Hat is Back!

Posted by Rebekah Roy on March 25th, 2009

Lock Co Hatters Panama Hats The Panama Hat is Back!

I received a present from a friend: she brought me a Panama hat from Panama only for me to learn that the Panama hat is really from Equador.  I was a bit surprized by the gift – was I the kind of girl who could wear a Panama hat? It seems so iconic and with so much history it felt too much for me. I know it’s a hat and sometimes we’re hesitant to wear things we like – maybe it’s a sexy dress cut lower then you would usually wear but you’d really  like to be the girl who wears the dress and is just a bit sexier. Well this is how I feel about the Panama hat.

Madonna Panama Hat The Panama Hat is Back!Humphrey Bogart, Gary Cooper, Winston Churchill, and Harry Truman have all worn the Panama hat. It’s not just famous men, both Madonna and Naomi Campbell have been spotted wearing the Panama hat.

So what makes it so popular? When you try on a Panama hat and you touch the strong soft weave you feel sexy and special. I know that you can feel different and more confident when you wear a hat – I have one friend who doesn’t feel dressed or complete without a hat. I don’t know why hats seem to have magical powers but they just do – but not all hats. Some hats make you feel stupid so you have to find the right one!

The hat actually became popular during the building of the Panama Canal and they were worn by the workers for protection from the sun.

The weaving of the Paja Toquilla or Panama Hat has been known since the Spanish conquest in the 16th century. Ecuadorians weave Paja Toquilla straw  – the fibres from Carludouica Palmata more commonly known as  palm leaves.

Not all Panama hats are created equal. Hat prices are determined by the fineness of weave, the quality of weave, the quality and colour of straw and the dimensions of hat. So if you’re purchasing a Panama hat take your time – there are several styles and colours.


Monte Cristi Panama Hat image is from Lock & Co Hatters  – they have a great selection and are in London at:

James Lock & Co. Ltd.,
6 St. James’s Street,


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The Vintage Warehouse in Nottingham

Posted by Fashion Design Student - Sana Zod on March 24th, 2009

The Vintage Warehouse Nottingham1 The Vintage Warehouse in NottinghamAfter all the hard work I have been doing lately working on my final collection, even a busy fashion student needs a bit of a break! On the weekend I treated myself to a little rummage through the vast piles in the Vintage Warehouse in Nottingham’s city centre.

The Vintage Warehouse is a huge space filled with piles of skirts, t-shirts, bags, shoes, coats etc for boys and girls. (The prices are so cheap! Especially compared to London vintage prices). They also offer a customising service, so that your purchase can be altered to fit you for around £5.00.

The Vintage Warehouse Nottingham2 The Vintage Warehouse in Nottingham
As I go so often I have become acquainted with the 2 guys that own the warehouse and sometimes they let me go downstairs into the basement for a rummage through the huge sacks of stock that their orders come in. They say that in the next year they want to turn the basement into a little coffee shop in which their customers can hang out in!

As I am graduating this summer and returning to London for good, I will be sad to leave this little gem behind. I think some trips to Nottingham shall be made purely just for the Vintage Warehouse!
The Vintage Warehouse Nottingham4 The Vintage Warehouse in Nottingham
The Vintage Warehouse
82-84 Lower Parliament Street,
Nottingham, Derbyshire


Opening times:
Mon – Sat: 10:00 – 18:00
Sun: 11:30 – 16:00

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An Interview – Molessa by Olesia Makhonko

Posted by Rebekah Roy on March 23rd, 2009

OlesiaMakhonko AW09 An Interview   Molessa by Olesia MakhonkoOlesia Makhonko graduated from Kiev National University of Technology and Design with an Honours BA in Fashion design. She worked for Alexander McQueen until she launched her own womenswear brand Molessa in 2007. The brand’s inspirations are the shape of the female body, modern architecture and art. I’ve used Olesia’s dresses in several shoots and I just love her designs so I knew I’d just had to ask her a few questions about her work.

As a young designer what are your biggest challenges?
OM – My biggest challenges as a young designer are finding time to design, organize sampling and production of my collections, look after my sales and PR, and meet deadlines on an everyday basis. Running a fashion business is a very complex and time consuming process, and as the owner and designer you need to know about everything and look after every aspect relating to your label. The other biggest challenge is the financial side, as I’m one of those designers who still works full time for a well know fashion company to earn money, while trying to establish my own brand. Costs relating to running a high end fashion business are very high, and obtaining sales orders from boutiques is very difficult.

Will you be doing a show next season for London Fashion Week?
OM – I’m hoping to show either at Vauxhall Fashion Scout group show or at On/Off exhibition next season.

What advice do you have for a new graduate?
OM – I would advise young graduates who want to create their own label to understand from the beginning that in order to be successful you need to be a highly creative, motivated and hard working person, and that you need to believe in yourself and never give up, as the road to designer label success is extremely hard and long for most of us.

OlesiaMakhonko1 An Interview   Molessa by Olesia Makhonko OlesiaMakhonko3 An Interview   Molessa by Olesia Makhonko  OlesiaMakhonko2 An Interview   Molessa by Olesia Makhonko

How do you work? What is your process?
OM – I’m one of those designers who gain their inspiration from material and shape, rather than just visual image research. I love to draw and I make many sketches while gathering ideas for new collection, however I also experiment a lot with fabrics on a dummy to get a real feel for how a new idea or design will work. So before I draw the final sketches and organize the collection, I’ll make many quick drawings, take photographs of drapes on the dummy and collect fabric swatches, and then move to making patterns and toils and organizing sampling, which my production unit or sampling machinist will do for me.

OlesiaMakhonko4 An Interview   Molessa by Olesia MakhonkoWhat other projects are you working on?
OM – I’m working on a diffusion range for the online retailer It’ll be a more affordable and casual line, however it’ll keep the Molessa sleek, clean, geometric style and elegant feminine shapes.

Do you live in London ?
OM – Yes I live in London in the wonderful Bloomsbury area.

What do you eat for breakfast?
OM – I try to eat yogurt every morning, however often I don’t have enough time and end up eating an apple on the way to work.

Photography by Diego Indraccolo

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Make Up, any confusion just ask Rachel Wood!

Posted by Rachel Wood on March 22nd, 2009

Liz Earle SkinCare Make Up, any confusion just ask Rachel Wood!I understand for the non-professional makeup can be very confusing. As soon as women hear I am a makeup artists their eyes tend to light up and the questions come pouring out – " What colour should I wear"  or "what suits me,"  or "what is the best brand, range, product etc.?" Well, makeup doesn’t have to be that black and white – I say it’s best to ask yourself a few questions to narrow it down – "what’s that occasion: is it  work makeup or makeup for a party?"  and as for brand or products – what’s your budget?  What’s available to you in your area? Often after all that narrowing down and choosing  the makeup many women get home and haven’t a clue what to do with it all!

Well, for all you makeup junkies who have found yourself in a beauty  pickle – I’ve got the website for you to check out – Fashion Face TV. It has makeup video tutorials – step by step using famous icons as inspiration. It was created by 2 sisters who are makeup artists – NicolaNicola and Samantha Chapman. They give product recommendations and have a makeup forum for questions etc… Check it out, it’s very informative and easy to follow.

Another tip that maybe helpful; is to go to your favourite makeup counter in your local department store and register to be on their books, almost all counters such as Bobbi Brown, Laura Mercier etc have some sort of client files – this way when they have special in store events such as makeover days to push their new collections they can contact you and keep you updated on the latest makeup collections.

And to wipe it all away have any of you tried Liz Earle products- I am a big fan! Her hot polish and cloth cleanser always leaves my skin feeling super clean and the moisturisers sink so beautifully into the skin. There is also a facial oil with a a little roller ball applicator that leaves my skin so soft in the morning if I put it on before bed. or you can buy it on QVC.

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What’s Wrong With This Cover?

Posted by Rebekah Roy on March 21st, 2009

MarieClaire safety pin Whats Wrong With This Cover?

So what’s wrong with this cover? Well, we can see the safety pin at the base of the strap. This isn’t a styling error even though it might look like one. Stylists use pins, safety pins, bull dog clips and have all sorts of tricks to make the clothes fit perfectly – that’s our job! Usually they are retouched so you’d never even know that they were there!

MarieClaire safety pin2 Whats Wrong With This Cover?

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Jil Sanders Appointed Creative Director of Uniqlo

Posted by Rebekah Roy on March 20th, 2009

uniqlo1(1) Jil Sanders Appointed Creative Director of UniqloJil Sander has signed on to be the Creative Director of Uniqlo! I’m quite excited about this – it seems like a smart business move for both sides. Jil Sanders is known for her minimalist designs and taking her talent and knowledge to collaborate with a high street chain can only be genius. Even the stocks for Uniqlo parent company Fast Retailing Co. Ltd.’s rose 8.6 percent on the announcement of the collaboration! It’s a smart move – this is how certain high street stores will become more competitive in tougher economic times.


 Uniqlo has 765 stores around the world and you can buy a t-shirt in practically every colour. It’s a great place for a stylist if you’re doing any kind of shoot and you need some basics with a bit of style and lots of colour options. You can buy pink skinny jeans for only £24 and a V neck t-shirt for only £4.99. We’ll have to wait until autumn to find out about the new collection – I don’t think Uniqlo will suddenly be all black and grey – but it will be interesting to see the new collection. I love the shop and have bought things for shoots – the only thing that I’ve ever bought for myself was a belt. Maybe next season I’ll have a few new things in my wardrobe!

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Paris’ New BBF!

Posted by Rebekah Roy on March 20th, 2009

paris hilton BBF Sam(1) Paris New BBF!Whoo hoo! So Sam won and is now Paris Hilton’s BBF! You just knew he was going to win. Really, what girl can compete with a cute gay boy to be any girls BBF?


Sam wore a pink sweater, Paris’ favourite colour and he can bake cupcake or fairy cakes as the Brits call them. Besides I don’t think he was a stalker, just a fan and he did seem to suit her.


You can watch Sam’s exit interview! Interesting fact: Sam didn’t win any money but he did get Paris’ personal mobile number, a trip to LA and they’ve been partying like true friends!

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Bright Eyed Girls and Other Make-upTricks

Posted by Elana Solomon on March 18th, 2009

Avene products Bright Eyed Girls and Other Make upTricksSpring is rapidly approaching and with it comes flaming sunset shades, water colour florals, safari themed prints and super luxe brocading; and this is just the clothes. To compliment the bright bold styles of the S/S 09 catwalk, this spring make-up is all about having fresh, glowing skin with bold make-up.

This season, make-up artists’ showcased the impact of glowing complexions. From Proenza Schouler to Calvin Klein, the theme this season is fabulous glowing skin! At both the Nathan Jenden and Carolina Herrera shows, the models were treated to mini-facials and make-up was kept to a minimum. Meanwhile, Celine highlighted the look with sculpted cheeks and Luella featured porcelain skin and cool pink cheeks. Whilst the Ossie Clark models were inspired by the 1970s California beach girls, and thus had creamy bronzed complexions. So, how do you achieve this look without the help of trained professionals? Easy! Having great skin is all about the product! As the daughter of a cosmetic dermatologist I have had the pleasure of learning what products encourage continued great skin! French skin care line Avéne, is one of the best skin care lines available (and highly recommended by Dr. Dad) and is actually sold at your local Boots! The creams are both physically and cost affective! From skin recovery cream, Anti-redness light moisturizer to the anti-shine regulating lotion, this quality line has the right creams to help every girl with any skin type achieve beautiful, dewy, fresh skin!

Mac Eyeshadow Bright Eyed Girls and Other Make upTricks

 While s/s 09 skin is all about simplicity the eyes are all about the smoke! From the soft smoky eyes at Sarah Cook, to the cobalt-blue at Peter Jensen, though the shades varied the style remained the same. Betty Jackson and Jaeger London enhanced this look with scruffy eyebrows and Inky eyes, which was also featured on the models at the Jean Paul Gaultier show.  Though the look can be intimidating it is not a hard trend to replicate, the key to this look is blending! Just pair light base colours with rich dark colours. One of the best brands to explore this trend with is Mac. The Mac eye shadow line is renowned for its wide range of colours which are designed to be blended together. So, whether you want to go bright and bold or deep and dark, the smoky look can easily be achieved with this shadow!
 Chanel Lipstick Bright Eyed Girls and Other Make upTricks                                                   Lips, this season are a compliment to the eyes. While Proenza Schouler complimented this look with creamy red lips, Chanel and Carolina Herrera left lips nude to keep focus on the dramatic eyes and soft, peachy skin. At the Danielle Scutt show models stood out with bright coral shades on their lips. The key to this look is to keep lips natural and clean when the eyes feature strong colours, otherwise the look will appear outdated. What is best about this look is it is easy to achieve at any price. Technique is key to rich great lips. This can be emulated by applying two coats of lipstick, then matting the lips with tissue and a dust of powder. Finally, apply a glossier lip colour in the same shade. No matter what brand you choose, with this technique any girl can capture the look. My favourite is Chanel. The best thing about Chanel’s line of lipsticks is that all of them are super hydrating and nearly every colour is featured in both a gloss and matte form! Best of all, the products are placed at a very economical £19, and is sold at the local Boots. So, even a fashionistas on a budget can afford this small splurge!




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Women and Technology – Sony’s Fashionable Little Laptop

Posted by Rebekah Roy on March 17th, 2009

Many technology companies are starting to design more and more for women. I have always been partial to having a small, light, yet power laptop. I have a Dell, and like all laptop users I have a personal relationship with my laptop and a dependency of sorts.

Blackberry is making colourful and smaller handheld devices, Panasonic is making cameras to fit a women’s hand. Women demand smaller lighter equipment but 100% functional and powerful. This season at London Fashion Week Sony was one of the official sponsors of Vauxhall Fashion Scout. During William Tempest‘s show a few VIP guests were treated to the VAIO laptop. The laptop weighs only 639 grams and is smaller than this months Vogue! I really love the intergration of fashion and technlology, functionality is really important to be but so is design. I like working with beautiful objects.

The team from Sony were backstage filming during our show. William even designed some custom laptop bags in his diamond print for the VAIO laptop.

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Fabric Shopping for my Graduate Collection

Posted by Fashion Design Student - Sana Zod on March 16th, 2009

Fabric Shredding Sana Zod Fabric Shopping for my Graduate Collection

As the Nottingham Trent graduate fashion show is fast approaching, last weekend I went back to London for the weekend to source some fabric samples for my collection. I went to Berwick Street, just off Oxford Street and began scouring the fabric shops for something amazing that would make my collection something special. I was also looking for jersey in white and black, in which to shred and dip dye.

Unfortunately as it was a Saturday afternoon and there were tons of students doing exactly as I was on this particular day, I had to purchase 10cm samples or 25cm of the fabric and pay that percentage of the total price of the fabric. Whereas on the weekdays, between certain times, the fabric samples are free.

Surprisingly I found some better plain jersey in cream and black in John Lewis for around £10.00 a meter, than on Berwick Street. However, I found a beautiful fabric in the Cloth Shop, which is coincidently called ‘Shredded Jersey’ (as is what I have called the fabric manipulation to jersey that I have been doing)! The fabric consists of jersey that looks as though it has holes that have been cut out at random, and this has been carefully hand stitched on top of a sheer black fabric; I instantly fell in love with it and thought it would be in keeping with my collection. After later finding out it is £55.00 a meter, I questioned it’s use- but I think it will be worth it!

Shredded Jersey

Fabric Shredding Sana Zod1 Fabric Shopping for my Graduate Collection

Fabric Shredding Sana Zod2(1) Fabric Shopping for my Graduate Collection

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Portfolio Cases

Posted by Rebekah Roy on March 15th, 2009

portfolio case1 Portfolio Cases

portfolio case(2) Portfolio Cases Saw these great bags at the Sunday Up Market on Brick Lane. Sarwat Iqbal designs the bags and she established her company SPDR about 5 years ago.

She likes to focus on basic shapes with great prints. The range is based on cricket, old checks and sea side prints.

I love the bright colours and stripes. I have a standard portfolio case it’s black and not too exciting but I’m love this striped bag, it’s only £45!

Sarwat says she gets lots of students buying them to use as a portfolio case!


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The Feather Necklace

Posted by Rebekah Roy on March 14th, 2009

sophisticated stones freedom The Feather NecklaceI love these necklaces – in a way they are more like a collar. There are so many looks you can create with them! A statement necklace like this can spice up a little black dress or dress up a black t-shirt and skinny jeans.

I’m not sure which necklace I love the most, maybe the last image, but since my hair is a bit redish the first would look great too.

The trend of feathers and fringe is continuing but these necklaces are such a statement that they don’t seem to be about trends – it’s more about one’s own personal style.

sophisticated stones sassy The Feather Necklace

sophisticated stones wind song The Feather Necklace

sophisticated stones Soiree  The Feather Necklace

These feather and gemstone necklaces start at about $800USD and can be bought online at


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An interview with Emma Bell

Posted by Rebekah Roy on March 14th, 2009

EmmaBell1 An interview with Emma BellThis season I was quite busy styling shows and although I didn’t have the chance to see lots of shows, which I love doing, I was lucky enough to see Emma Bell‘s show. It opened with a violinist playing ‘How much is that doggy in the window‘ and performance artist Scottie wearing heels and a dog suit! The audience was enthusiastic and you just felt like something special was going to happen. I interviewed Emma Bell a few days after hr show:

Where did you go to school?
EB – I studied my degree in fashion design at the University of Wesminster and graduated in 2006

Were you always interested in fashion?
EB – Yes! From a really early age! I found a diary from 1993 recently in which I declared “I really love art lessons, that is why I want to be a fashion designer when I grow up!” I was also dabbling with the sewing machine and attempting to customise and make my own clothes so it was all a natural progression!

EmmaBell Scottie An interview with Emma Bell

What inspired your AW 09 collection?
EB – I recently took a trip to Asia in which I totally immersed myself into learning all about local craft techniques including embroidery and batik so I translated this into my latest collection in the form of batik inspired block printing. I also looked at the romantic tragedy in Tennyson poetry as well as working my personal ethics on animal cruelty into the collection in the form of hand painted dogs on the fabrics and dog structures as accessories. I was also influenced by the utilitarian value of Communist clothing in China as many people opt to buy ex-military garments as they are economically viable and durable. I looked into quilting and it’s history and as a result worked freehand woollen embroidery and blanket stitching into the collection.

EmmaBell 3a An interview with Emma Bell EmmaBell 3b An interview with Emma Bell

Do you have a dog?
EB – No, but I have a cat called Tango! He is ginger!
How did your collaboration with Irregular Choice™ come about?
Some of my work was used in styling their lookbook and it kind of all rolled from there! I was a huge follower of their shoes for so many years so it was great when I was taken on board and given the opportunity to design a sub-label called “Emma Bell for Irregular Choice” for two seasons. It was a womenswear line which also branched out into bags and I was also given the opportunity to dabble into footwear design which was great!
I love working on collaborations as it’s a great challenge to work alongside another brand’s design aesthetic!

Why do you think the Emma Bell label has created a cult following?
EB – I think there is definitely a demand for fashion that deviates away from trends and I think that the colour, sparkle and extravaganza of it all appeals to people. I love to inject an element of humour into my work and I think this is what people like about my label. I like to think that there is something in it for everyone whether someone be looking to rock an all out look or for someone who is just looking for that one tiny bit of colour or statement piece!

EmmaBell2a An interview with Emma Bell EmmaBell2b An interview with Emma Bell EmmaBell2c An interview with Emma Bell

Who’s the most famous person who’s worn Emma Bell? Name drop please!
EB – Ooh well I like to think there are a few lurking out there as my clothing is available worldwide so who knows, maybe Dolly Parton or Pat Butcher has a piece of Emma Bell hiding in their wardrobe?!?!
Of the ones I can mention, my clothing has been seen on Samanda of Big Brother stardom, Jodie Harsh, Ebony Bones and comedian Josie Long on Channel 4 Skins!

EmmaBell JodieHarsh An interview with Emma Bell

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Red Nose Day Lion at Trafalgar Square

Posted by Rebekah Roy on March 12th, 2009

Red Nose Day trafalgar square lion Red Nose Day Lion at Trafalgar Square

It may look grey and stormy in London but much to my delight early in the morning I discovered one of the lions at Trafalgar Square wearing a Red Nose Day T-shirt!!

Visit or for more information.

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Manilla Gorialla for Red Nose Day!

Posted by Rebekah Roy on March 11th, 2009

Manilla Gorilla flat shot Manilla Gorialla for Red Nose Day!

I know how hard it’s been to find a Red Nose T-shirt. This year  the images were so well done that I think they’ve sold out most places so I though I should at least tell you about another T-shirt label Wornby. They have have dipped into their vaults to re-release a vintage replica of classic t-shirt ‘Manilla Gorilla’ in support of the latest Red Nose Day campaign for Comic Relief 2009.

The ‘Manilla Gorilla’ t-shirt made famous by legendary boxer Muhammad Ali was worn by the athlete himself in the run up to his fight with Joe Frazier on October 1st, 1975 at Areneta Stadium, Manila. Though defeated by his nemesis five years previously, Ali was back determined to win the World Heavy weight title and show the boxing world who was boss! Providing fantastic theatrical value that Ali was famous for he was again victorious over his rival and aptly named this heated fight ‘The Thriller in Manilla’ and mockingly referred to Frazier as the ‘Gorilla’.

For every piece of Wornby’s sporting history sold between March 9th – March 30th Wornby will donate £5 to Comic Relief. The monies raised will be used by the charity to provide aid and support throughout Africa and the UK benefiting a number of causes including malaria, education and maternal and mental health.

Priced at £38 visit or for more information. To buy click

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