An Interview with Piers Atkinson

I met Piers Atkinson a few years back when I first moved to London. He was very kind and generous. I guess I thought fashion people in London were going to be cold and cliquy but that just hasn’t been my experience.

This London Fashion Week Piers’ headpieces were on the catwalk at Ashish.



What influence has your mother had on you becoming a milliner?
PA – I think it was just something I grew up with so that give one a fearless attitude. Not that making hats is scary – stressful sometimes, but not scary!

What got you interested in fashion?
PA – I’m not very interested in fashion! I love style and I love creativity. I lived with Zandra Rhodes for a few years as a student so got into the fashion scene by default!

PA – Where did you study fashion?
I studied photography in Bristol!

What is in the pipeline for your next collection and where can we see it?
PA – It’s based on the Princess and the Frog and matters of faith, love, potential and sex!! I am making pieces for Ashish so it will be on the runway on 20th Feb. Otherwise all will be revealed in the press days in March/April!!

Where do you get the inspiration for your designs?
PA – it depends on my mood in the period of making and design, suggestions I get from friends and colleagues, this season seemed to be destiny as I’m using dolls and it’s barbie’s 50th and also Disney are releasing the princess and the Frog movie. Of course if I was a trend predicter I’d have known this ages ago. It just seemed a natural follow on from the pop-culture references of my past two seasons.

Was there anything that surprised you when you began creating the collection?
PA – Realising that I don’t really want to make sensible stuff??!!

Who is your fashion icon and why?
PA – Always has been Grace Jones during the Goude years. Wow! That was ART. I love the chic of the 30’s. I’ve been watching Poirot at home while I’m sewing away and the hats and overall presentation is inspiring!

What has been your best fashion moment?
PA – Seeing that Nick Knight image in Vogue and now the upcoming exhibition at the V&A. That is a real honour. And I have just heard that one of Fashion’s heavy wieghts (if you can say that! She’s as slim as they get!) might comission a hat for the event. I’d be thrilled.

You’ve worked in PR, as a photographer, illustrator, an editor and journalist and now design what’s next for you?
PA – Film. A book? Something with narrative!

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  1. The Fashion Assistant
    February 27, 2009 at 10:10

    I met Piers at Disorder magazine where he worked when I was a recent graduate. He’s a nice guy.

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