Fur or Faux

There are so many exciting trends coming in from the S/S 09 collections with designers taking inspiration from tribal Africa, far-east, modernist and ancient styles. Missoni, Etro, and Kenzo feature looks inspired by the far-east. African styles, colours and patterns were the main focus for Alexander McQueen, Just Cavalli, Louis Vuitton and Christopher Kane. Designers give a nod to the fashion of the past with Mario Schwab, Dior by John Galliano and Miu Miu all looking to ancient Greece and Rome for inspiration. Meanwhile Calvin Klein, Jil Sander and Yves Saint Laurent all feature futurist and modernist pieces.

Though these collections will be much of my focus in the near future; this week, as the weather slowly creeps back up to a (slightly) more comfortable temperature I would like for the first time this season to focus on winter’s most controversial clothing, .

My relatives used to be in the business of fur and through this my grandmother came to have a fine collection of the most exquisite furs, which my mother (and hopefully one day I) has come to inherit. I grew up with a great appreciation for both the beauty and longevity of fine fur. Nevertheless, there are many people who believe that wearing fur is a form of animal cruelty and offensive. Though, I enjoy wearing fur, thanks to many wonderful designers, such as Stella McCartney, beautiful pieces featuring faux fur are available in many fabulous styles making it equally enjoyable to wear!

What is so special about fur is the right piece can instantly make a simple outfit glamorous without being overwhelming. This winter, when I am on the go I always depend on my fur Ugg earmuffs. I have them in both black and tan (these and a variety of others can be found at the Ugg Australia website < www.australia-uggs.com >) and are super thick and comfortable. They keep my head warm on even the coldest London days and are very winter chic!

When I want to use fur to accessorize an outfit I love to use fur scarves or shawls. They are super elegant and with the addition of a couple of broaches can be both classic and stylish. Best of all, in this case a smaller piece is optimal so it can be a more affordable investment. Scower your local charity and vintage shops and you can easily find plenty of affordable fur neck scarves. And if you are comfortable in wearing larger pieces, Hermés, Marni, and Dolce Gabbana all have fabulous fur coats and giléts perfect for this extra cold winter!

For those of you who love fur, you will love the fur bags from this winter’s collections (many of which will soon be on sale recessionistas!). Alexander McQueen, Gucci and 3.1 Philip Lim all have fur totes and evening bags. And I cannot get enough of my Marni Blue Alpaca fur bag (<www.marni.com> )! It is just gorgeous and when I don’t want to wear fur on my body I love having it on my arm!
Whichever style you feel suits you this winter in the last months of frost, when spring is seemingly further and further away take comfort wrapping yourself in a cozy piece of (faux) fur!

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  1. Ashley
    March 23, 2009 at 4:04

    This topic is something that we are debating a lot in my fashion classes, it seams to be much more accepted in London from what we have here in the mid-west.

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