Model Casting at Vauxhall Fashion Scout

Model casting is not an easy job but it can be great fun. It’s difficult to find the right model with the look that you want. We saw a few hundred models yesterday.

In the picture on the left is Lu Flux and for migh-T, they are part of Fashion’s Scout’s “Ones to Watch” show and on the right is William Tempest.

After the casting you choose the girls that you’d like to have for your show, you option them and then the waiting begins. The agencies need to organize the schedules of the models and make sure that a girl can do as many shows as possible, although sometimes a model can have an exclusive booking for one designer only!

I love to see what the models are wearing. All the girls wore very high heels and we saw lots of “wet” look leggings!

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  1. The Fashion Assistant
    February 19, 2009 at 19:19

    sounds so much pressure!!!

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