Totem Poles and T-shirt Shredding

I have begun working on garments for my final year collection and have a deadline of 3 toiled outfits coming up. I intend to create my collection influenced by The Monolith totem pole, created by Gustav Vigeland at the Vigeland Sculpture Park in Oslo, which is a huge column made in bronze and granite of hundreds of human bodies intertwining. This alongside the idea of growths, such as moss on a brick wall, has made me think of a collection of garments falling in an unexpected way. I am also looking into the idea of decay, erosion and weathering.

I have been trying different techniques in order to distress fabrics, whilst allowing the garments to remain wearable, and have become fascinated with shredding jersey t-shirts. I find the process so relaxing and addictive, almost like knitting. The outcome is a cool with ladders somewhat like the ladders that appear on tights when you catch them. I am strongly considering using this technique in my collection somehow or if not I will definitely be sporting the shreds myself!

Here are the t-shirts I have been working on:

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  1. Elle
    February 21, 2009 at 23:23

    ARGH shredding takes so long! I started a vest ages ago but have lost patience with it!

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