Fashion Design school and Styling

Fashion is architecture. Its a matter of proportion“- Coco Chanel

Designers are not just fashion creators, they are also great mathematicians and architects. Throughout my degree studying Fashion Design, I was introduced to various necessary skills that have helped me a lot in styling.

Pattern Cutting is a vital skill to acquire. It is one thing designing a piece on paper but it is an altogether different concept lifting that 2D creation and forming it into a 3D garment.

Understanding proportion is key. A designer needs to know what areas of the body need accentuating and what places need manipulating.

Here are a couple of examples from my graduate collection look book:

In styling my look book I wanted to accentuate the choice of colours, the silhouettes of the garments and the materials used. My collection was inspired by the Inuit Tribe so we decided to shoot at a UK location that would bring to the look book a cold, scarce environment mirroring the Inuit’s habitat. This was achieved by shooting in the middle of isolated lands and derelict houses. The photographs were desaturated in Photoshop to bring a coldness to the look book, frost colourings were used for the model’s make up and her hair was big and loose, imitating the textures of the fur used throughout the collection.

Photography: Nick Masters
Model: Abi Cook

by Kate Kearney

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  1. gilda
    February 16, 2009 at 11:11

    ah, fashion school. i’ve wanted to do this all my life and had enjoyed it and loved every minute of it until i came to new york. :(

    but anyway i love those 3 pictures of your’s, especially the 3rd. somehow i just love the composition.

  2. Mireille
    February 19, 2009 at 12:12

    What great shots. I like the first one, very ‘Titanic’ !

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