My Love of Bows – Bowlissimo!

One of my earliest childhood memories is from when I was four years old, sitting at my vanity staring into the mirror and deciding that a) I need a haircut (I was trying to channel my inner Audrey Hepburn à la Roman Holiday) and b) I am going to take care of it myself, immediately! The next morning to my mother’s horror she woke me up to find that I had cut a large chunk of hair from the top of my head. To hide this hair tragedy my mother promptly covered my head with an oversized bow headband. And it is this small act that lead to my lifelong love (obsession) with bows. Thankfully, the fashion G-d’s, from couture houses to TV’s Gossip Girl, have finally picked up on this fantastic accessory and spring 2009 is at last, the season for bows!

What is especially special about bows is their ability to add a touch of romance and femininity to any look; it can even add a bit of cheeky girlishness to a tougher look. Chanel, Moschino, United Bamboo and Marc Jacobs were just some of the many shows which featured bows in their S/S collections. Unlike the past shows, where bows were featured as an accessory, this season bows are featured as part of the structure of the design, woven into the piece itself. From origami style bows at Marchesa to soft slouchy bows at Lela Rose, there are many different styles and options available to a girl who wants to add a touch of femininity to any outfit this spring.

From pins to necklaces to ribbons there are so many different ways to add bow details to an outfit. A bow around the neck or waist can add splash of flare to a traditional plain shirt or sweater. A bow headband or hat looks great with the hair down and pulled back hairstyles; very preppy chic. A bow pin is one of the most fun of the bow as it can accessorize so many different looks. A pin on the back of a sweater, with hair pulled back is an elegant touch to any simple look, while a bow pin in the hair can be youthful and feminine. A bow ribbon accessorized with layered necklaces can make any High Street find into a unique piece.

The best part about bows is whilst they look chic they can be very economical. I have used ribbon purchased at the fabric store to make bow belts, and turn old black flats into ballet slippers by accessorizing them with a ribbon bow. TopShop and Miss Selfridges have large collections of bow embellished accessories with bows on bags, belts, earrings, rings, and most for under £30. My favorite bow find has been London based jewelry designer Anna Lou, who creates beautiful, fun, bright bow hair accessories and jewelry.

The ultimate bow is the hair bow! Love !


Bow Shoes!

With so many available options it is easy to get excited about bows! So my fellow fashionistas, I hope after reading this you are inspired to add bow to your wardrobe!

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  1. jo
    February 12, 2009 at 17:17

    lady gaga takes the gold. i’m pretty exciting about all the bows too! i squeal whenever i spot on in GG. haha

  2. baby bows
    May 25, 2009 at 6:06

    I also love bows. I enjoyed looking for some tutorials just to create a hair bows for my niece. Try it!. You will really enjoy it!

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