Limited Edition Robert Cary-Williams vests in aid of Lavender Trust

To celebrate the creation of Scarlett & Crimson, two anti-Bratz characters, has created a series of limited edition Scarlett & Crimson inspired cotton vests in dove grey and charcoal black.

There are only 300 vests available. Half feature images of ornate keys and the other half feature skulls. Robert Cary-Williams has also hand stamped each vest with his trademark ‘Robert Cary-Williams‘ and a new stamp created for Scarlett & Crimson, which contains an image of a butterfly with a skull shaped body.

This is Robert’s first vest collection in the past three years.  Anyone who has a vest or of his from years ago will know how iconic it’s become. I have a photo that’s become my "head shot" where I’m wearing one of his t-shirts.

 KJ’s Laundry will  be stocking the Scarlett & Crimson vests for Fashion Week,  with proceeds going to Lavender Trust in aid of Breast Cancer Care and The Kids Company. The vests will sell for £80.

Who are Scarlett & Crimson?

Scarlett & Crimson dress in rock-goth vintage, blog on their own website ‘DarqSpace’, play in a rock band and live in a world where sexual stereotyping is a thing of the past.  The pair are best friends, music lovers and are all about individuality!

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