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Gal Stern, Print Designer For Tights!

Posted by Rebekah Roy on February 9th, 2009

Tights Gal Stern(1) Gal Stern, Print Designer For Tights!I love tights. I mainly wear dresses and shorts so tights are an essential part of my wardrobe. I also think you can make an every day look into something glamorous or edgy with a cool pair of tights. I’m loving gold at the moment!
I was recently chatting with Gal Stern, a textile designer from Israel with a great collection of tights!

Could you tell me how you got started?
SG – I finished my studies of textile design in Shenkar High College of Design in Israel 6 months ago. In my final project i developed the tights. I loved the experiments at the printing workshop in college and got great reviews for my work and so I decided to make a business out of it and opened my own studio.

Does any of your family work in fashion?
GS -My mom is a real crafts woman. She knits, embroiders, draws, sculpture in ceramic and glass and more, so I guess I got this passion from her.

Did you always love fashion?
GS – I must admit i didn’t always like fashion…I think my love of fashion started in highschool. The body changes and the fashionable highschool I went to made me notice fashion for the first time.

Do you have a favourite pair or collection?
GS – I can’t say I have one favorite model … In many of the models, I hand painted every inch of scale before converting to the computer for manipulations. So they were all born with extra care and love…

What inspires you?
GS – My inspiration comes from my passion of shapes and colors and the way they convert and mix with each other. I can find these shapes everywhere – a beautiful painting, nature, or on the street.

Where do you have everything made?
GS – The tights are made especially for me (since it’s my development) by a Turkish factory. I then dye them and print on them with many printing techniques. The entire process is made in my studio.

Where can people buy them?

GS – At the moment people can buy my tights in Israel or through my website, by sending me an e-mail. Since my business is very young, I’m only starting to expand to other countries. I hope that soon I can begin to sell online.

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