Clubbed to Death – a new line of t-shirts from Religion

Religion has collaborated with the best clubs and DJs across Europe to produce a collection of exclusive licensed t-shirts under the label Clubbed to Death.

Religion launched in 1989 as a line of t-shirts and sweatshirts aimed at the rave scene and drug culture. I love a great !

I know t-shirts and jeans can be the perfect combo but I love a t-shirt with a skirt or a jacket and shorts. I love dressing up and then making the look a bit more casual and cool with a t-shirt.

Religion has a 30-piece collection featuring iconic vintage graphics in washed out looks. Their signature styles include slashed tees, macramé knot detailing and raw edges in white and black.

Retail prices range from £30 – £50. Clubbed to Death hits stores in May. To coincide with the launch, the Religion store in Shoreditch will have a live weekly DJ set.

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  1. Make Do Style
    February 2, 2009 at 11:11

    I love a cool t-shirt as well. I’d go for the I love Cream one – ah the memories!!

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