This year at Vauxhall Fashion Scout I noticed a difference in the women’s loo. There was a lovely attendant giving out Moxie tampons – which come a cute little tin. Not what you’d expect at London Fashion Week but quite fashionable.                 The average women will use aboutContinue reading

I love Lily Allen’s "Bow Dress" by PPQ  from their 2009 Spring/Summer collection and her shoes from Yves Saint Laurent. I also like that she wears just one dress in the video; singers are often expected to have so many different looks that sometimes it’s stronger just to keep it simple. Her song, "The Fear"Continue reading

I met Piers Atkinson a few years back when I first moved to London. He was very kind and generous. I guess I thought fashion people in London were going to be cold and cliquy but that just hasn’t been my experience. This London Fashion Week Piers’ headpieces were on the catwalk at Ashish.  Continue reading

We were very well organized for Wil’s show. I think we were ready about 45 minutes before show time so we had time to spare. We wanted to start on time but we were waiting for another show to finish and told that nobody starts on time! So backstage we had lots of time forContinue reading

I’m so looking forward to styling William Tempest’s show tonight! I love the ticket, it reminds me of the winning ticket from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!

Ok, so it’s smack in the middle of London Fashion Week and although this makeup artist is uber busy running around prepping the rest of her shows, I had to give you all a few little inside snippets from yesterdays Qasimi show- it was so glamour fabulous that I was still buzzing when I wokeContinue reading

Styling a group show is never an easy task but “The Ones to Watch” went very smoothly. All our designers were well organized and most of our models arrived early. The show before us was running late – which meant we had plenty of time, so we were off to a good start! We hadContinue reading

I saw two images from two shows I styled last season on wall in the Canon VIP room! On the left is Harriet’s Muse and on the right is Inbar Spector. I actually use a Canon camera for Stylist Stuff and I can print wireless images, which I use like a polaroid for my shows!

Ada Zandition is part of London Fashion Week’s Estethica – a showcase for eco-sustainable designers now in its sixth season. I can’t wait to see it. There’s so much discussion about ethical design – people wanting something more fashion forward – well this is it! These images our from the look book shoot. We didContinue reading

There are so many exciting trends coming in from the S/S 09 collections with designers taking inspiration from tribal Africa, far-east, modernist and ancient styles. Missoni, Etro, and Kenzo feature looks inspired by the far-east. African styles, colours and patterns were the main focus for Alexander McQueen, Just Cavalli, Louis Vuitton and Christopher Kane. DesignersContinue reading

Model casting is not an easy job but it can be great fun. It’s difficult to find the right model with the look that you want. We saw a few hundred models yesterday. In the picture on the left is Lu Flux and Kumiko Watari for migh-T, they are part of Fashion’s Scout’s “Ones toContinue reading

I have begun working on garments for my final year collection and have a deadline of 3 toiled outfits coming up. I intend to create my collection influenced by The Monolith totem pole, created by Gustav Vigeland at the Vigeland Sculpture Park in Oslo, which is a huge column made in bronze and granite ofContinue reading

“Fashion is architecture. Its a matter of proportion“- Coco Chanel Designers are not just fashion creators, they are also great mathematicians and architects. Throughout my degree studying Fashion Design, I was introduced to various necessary skills that have helped me a lot in styling. Pattern Cutting is a vital skill to acquire. It is oneContinue reading

One of the best things about London is how creative and inspiring it is. I love Selfridges‘ windows.The February windows are great – a Greco-Roman feel in white with metallic accents and paper cutouts. Selfridges’ windows are seen by about 80,000 people every day!

One of my earliest childhood memories is from when I was four years old, sitting at my vanity staring into the mirror and deciding that a) I need a haircut (I was trying to channel my inner Audrey Hepburn à la Roman Holiday) and b) I am going to take care of it myself, immediately!Continue reading

So here I am  counting down the days till London Fashion Week and I have been searching for the latest and greatest new bits and bobs to improve my makeup kit. Benefit cosmetics are kindly sponsoring me for 8 of my shows this season showing at the Vauxhall Fashion Scout- my top products from themContinue reading

To celebrate the creation of Scarlett & Crimson, two anti-Bratz characters, Robert Cary-Williams has created a series of limited edition Scarlett & Crimson inspired cotton vests in dove grey and charcoal black. There are only 300 vests available. Half feature images of ornate keys and the other half feature skulls. Robert Cary-Williams has also handContinue reading