London Markets

I love London. I love London’s fashion, I love London’s architecture- I even love the new mayor of London! But above all I love London’s . Any free day I have you will often see me strolling along in Spitalfields or down Portabello.

The creative raw talent that permeates the stalls is addictive. I have recently started working on Sundays in the Sunday Up Market for the sustainable jewellery brand ‘Leju’. We sell fantastic creations made from Vegetable Ivory.

There is such a team morale surrounding the market – everybody helps everybody. It’s fun and fascinating to be part of this really tight community of creatives. At this time of year, thermal undies are an essential, but lattes, the buzzing market environment, banter from my neighbours and the odd wacky customer keeps the cold away.

The selection of items available in the market is astounding, from alternative accessories to vintage/young designer clothing. Sundays, its tough to keep my hand in my pocket and remind myself I’m there to earn and not spend!

Give it a try…walk through Spitalfields reaching Sunday Up and invest in some considered fashion pieces from London’s young designers en route.

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