New Years Resolution – Detox Your Makeup Bag!

New Years Resolutions – We all make them at the turn of each new year so hear are a few for your bag

If your resolution is for a detox –
If it smells- chuck it, if its crusty, dry or cloggy then bin it! If it’s a beauty product that’s off or in bad nick do you really want to apply it to your skin?! So often I hear women complain that they think their makeup gave them spots- but ladies if it’s a product that is dirty or old that’s probably why! Also wash those makeup brushes in a touch of warm water and mild shampoo and lay flat to dry. You can wash makeup sponges out too but if they are over a month or 2 old I’d replace them as they aren’t very expensive to replace and fresh is better!

If your resolution is to be less wasteful If your powder or bronzer compact broke, maybe  you dropped it on the ladies room floor after too many drinks at the office party! Don’t fear- get yourself a little empty clear plastic pot- you can find them in places like Superdrug or Muji and put the remaining powder into the pot and use a soft powder brush to apply the makeup!. If your favourite lipstick broke- you can also put the remaining bit into a small plastic jar and use a lip brush to apply, better yet mix in a touch of clear lip gloss like MAC lipglass and create a new texture of your favourite colour

If your resolution is to save money –
Try to be a little more thrifty with you makeup shopping, if you love expensive foundation but aren’t as fussy about mascara- try switching to a high street brand –  Max Factor More Lashes is great for full lush lashes and is more reasonably priced. Ask your favourite beauty counter for testers and don’t forget those after Christmas January sales also applies to many of the makeup counters so see what great bargains or half priced makeup kits they have left over from the holidays- you can find some great stuff out there!

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3 comments on “New Years Resolution – Detox Your Makeup Bag!

  1. Judith
    January 5, 2009 at 22:22

    OMG – great to hear that the “Makeup-Bag-Thing” happens also in other bathrooms. Thanks for reminding me…my bag is overdue.

  2. Stylist
    January 7, 2009 at 4:04

    nice post, thanks for sharing!

  3. The Fashion Assistant
    January 10, 2009 at 10:10

    erm…my makeup bags are very neglected and are covered in dust…hehe. Time to sort them out now.

    Thanks for sharing.

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