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Mark Fast – Knitter Extraordinaire!

Posted by Rebekah Roy on January 31st, 2009

mark fast ss09 074 look 4 three quarters Mark Fast   Knitter Extraordinaire!
You might think that because knitwear designer Mark Fast grew up in Winnipeg that his garments would be warm and cosy but he’s created some of the chicest and sexist knitwear around! Think corsetry, Elizabethan/Joan of Arc and a hint of S&M. Mark knits everything by hand on a domestic knitting machine.

Mark studied fashion design at Seneca College in Toronto. He then moved to London and did a foundation in Fashion Design at London College of Fashion. He did a BA and MA in Fashion Design with Knitwear at Central St. Martins. He also worked with Bora Aksu for a few seasons.

Mark Fast will be showing at London Fashion Week on February 24th!

Mark is presently living in London.
mark fast ss09 010 look 1 three quarters Mark Fast   Knitter Extraordinaire!mark fast ss09 020 look 1 back three quarters Mark Fast   Knitter Extraordinaire!mark fast ss09 037 look 2 back three quarters Mark Fast   Knitter Extraordinaire!mark fast ss09 028 look 2 three quarters Mark Fast   Knitter Extraordinaire!

In Canada you can purchase Mark Fast at Holt Renfrew and in London at Browns.

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The Winter Coat

Posted by Elana Solomon on January 30th, 2009

Burberry Coat The Winter CoatWinter Blues Turn the World Upside Down but a Fabulous Winter Coat Turns all Around

As the winter drags on and spring and its glorious fashion seems further and further away, there is one thing we fashionistas have to bury our winter blues away, the Winter Coat. This essential winter investment can give a lift to any outfit. As the first leg of winter comes to an end it is easy to update you’re your clothes with a daring new coat. This season is like no other, with fantastic styles, cuts, and bold colours found from the catwalk to the high street. Whether you want to go bold in bright pinks and yellows like Miu Miu and Chloe, channel the English Heritage trend in plaid or tweed as seen on the runways of Dolce Gabbana, or try out this season’s military chic as inspired by the designs of Burberry and Sonia Rykiel. With numerous selections available of chic and cost-effective coats, it will be easy to keep warm and stylish this winter!

If you are a chic chick on a budget then have no fears, all these fabulous styles are available all over the high street, perfect for the recessionista. Topshop has a new selection of winter coats including the military chic double-breasted ‘wonderland’ wool coat which comes in deep blues and bold reds and at just £110 is a perfect edition to your winter wardrobe. Meanwhile, Principles has come out with a beautifully structured ‘Tailored’ coat for £89, fabulous as an edition to a more romantic whimsical look. Dorothy Perkins has produced fabulous mutli-trend coats including the colorful wrap-around ‘Bow coat’, for £75 which comes in a fabulous range of colours including a deep magenta, bright yellow and sky blue.

With so many styles and prices ranging from under £100 to over £1000 there is no budget too tight to finance this investment! This winter don’t hide yourself away under dreary fashion, be bold and leave an impression in a striking winter coat!

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Lady GaGa

Posted by Rebekah Roy on January 29th, 2009

lady gaga nokia 5800 party at punk in london dj Lady GaGaWho can resist a girl who walks around in tights and vintage Versace sunglasses and who doesn’t give a sh*t what other people think?

Too many people want to be famous just for the sake of being fabulous and Lady Gaga is fabulous but when I saw her at the Nokia party at Punk she really gave me the impression of being someone with staying power. She’s been playing piano since she was four. At thirteen she wrote her first ballad and she was performing open mic nights at fourteen.

At the age of seventeen, Lady GaGa was one of only twenty people in the world to have gained early admission to the New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts, where she studied music

She began working for Interscope Records as a songwriter, and wrote songs for the Pussycat Dolls – who she’s presently opening for. She’s written songs and performed with New Kids on the Block.

Lady Gaga DJ’d at the Nokia 5800 Tube Dance Party.

lady gaga nokia 5800 party at punk in london 2 Lady GaGa

I think what’s become interesting about pop singers is they no longer look pop or high street – they have to look super cool, alternative, creative – they need to be at the forefront of fashion!

Love it – The Haus of Gaga

Lady gaga corset Lady GaGa

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Paris Hilton At The Nokia Tube Dance Party – A Professional Celebrity in Action

Posted by Rebekah Roy on January 28th, 2009

paris hilton nokia 5800 party at punk in london Paris Hilton At The Nokia Tube Dance Party   A Professional Celebrity in ActionParis Hilton was at the Nokia 5800 Tube Dance Party at Punk last night. You might not have realized that I was a Paris Hilton fan – but I am. I think she’s a great celebrity – she makes it look so easy. It seemed quite scary when the photographers closed in on Paris but she handled them like a pro. She was facing one direction doing an interview and when she finished she turned and faced the other direction so all the photographers got their shot. It sounds simple but she was impressive to watch.

Nowadays we always assume a celebrity shows up at an event because they were paid. I found out from the PRs that Paris showing up at this event wasn’t even planned – they were just as surprized as I was! She said she just wanted to meet Lady GaGa, who was DJ-ing. 

A few weeks back I saw a picture of Paris wearing a VIP Lipsy dress – I mentioned it to the PR and she said that Paris was wearing it just because she liked it – not because she paid to wear it. So it’s good to know that someone like Paris goes to parties and wears certain clothes just because she wants to. We tend to think that all celebrities do everything for money – some do and of course keeping in the pubic eye promotes their other businesses but some just like to have fun and maybe Paris does too!

Paris wore a Lipsy dress in London while filming her ITV 2 reality TV show, Paris Hilton’s British Best Friend.

paris hilton Lipsy british best friend contestants(1) Paris Hilton At The Nokia Tube Dance Party   A Professional Celebrity in Action

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The Spotlight’s on Ava Leigh

Posted by Rebekah Roy on January 27th, 2009

Ava Leigh The Spotlights on Ava LeighLast night I saw Ava Leigh perform at the Soho Review in London. I love seeing new singers perform. Ava has a fabulous voice – think Amy Winehouse/Joss Stone + touch of reggae. She’s just a cool, hippy chic girl living in Brighton – which seems to suit her.

She declined to go to stage school and is working her way up the old fashion way – singing in jazz clubs and festivals.

She’s recorded her debut album with Sly Dunbar and Robbie Shakespeare, as well as Future Cut, who produced Lily Allen’s Smile.

Sohio Revue Bar The Spotlights on Ava Leigh

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Nokia Tube Dance Video

Posted by Rebekah Roy on January 26th, 2009

Nokia Tube Dance Video MissionPR Nokia Tube Dance VideoEvery now and then I get the opportunity to style a fun project, like The Nokia Tube Dance. Parts of the dance are quite easy to learn and it’s kind of contagious: I find myself dancing around the house a bit more lately! There was lots of talent involved on this project. Britain’s Got Talent star George Sampson was great to work with. As most of you know he’s an amazing dancer but he’s also a really nice guy. I got to dress Keith Lemon (AKA comedian Leigh Francis) in gold and he does look a bit cherub-like, you can’t resist him – he’s totally charming! I love VV Brown, she has a great voice and she’s just so beautiful – and of course she has great style!!

See the dance at

Nokia Tube Dance Dancers Nokia Tube Dance Video

George Sampson hanging out back stage.

Nokia Tube Dance George Sampson Nokia Tube Dance Video

Keith Lemon chatting with the lovely VV Brown,

Nokia Tube Dance Keith Lemon VV Brown Nokia Tube Dance Video

Dancers : Christian Alozie, George Sampson and Adrian Gas.

Nokia Tube Dance George Sampson Dancers Nokia Tube Dance Video

Keith Lemon and George Sampson having a Dance Off!

Nokia Tube Dance Keith Lemon George Sampson Nokia Tube Dance Video

Me and Golden boy Keith Lemon!

Keith Lemon Leigh Francis Rebekah Roy Nokia Tube Dance Video


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London Markets

Posted by Junior Fashion Stylist - Kate Kearney on January 25th, 2009

I love London. I love London’s fashion, I love London’s architecture- I even love the new mayor of London! But above all I love London’s markets. Any free day I have you will often see me strolling along in Spitalfields or down Portabello.

The creative raw talent that permeates the stalls is addictive. I have recently started working on Sundays in the Sunday Up Market for the sustainable jewellery brand ‘Leju’. We sell fantastic creations made from Vegetable Ivory.
Market Leju London Markets

There is such a team morale surrounding the market – everybody helps everybody. It’s fun and fascinating to be part of this really tight community of creatives. At this time of year, thermal undies are an essential, but lattes, the buzzing market environment, banter from my neighbours and the odd wacky customer keeps the cold away.

The selection of items available in the market is astounding, from alternative accessories to vintage/young designer clothing. Sundays, its tough to keep my hand in my pocket and remind myself I’m there to earn and not spend!

Give it a try…walk through Spitalfields reaching Sunday Up and invest in some considered fashion pieces from London’s young designers en route.

Markets London Markets

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Have A Bag Named After You!

Posted by Rebekah Roy on January 24th, 2009

NKHenry Handbags Have A Bag Named After You! Wouldn’t it be cool to be so fabulous that a designer names a handbag after you? Think the Stam bag, and of course Hermes has both the Kelly and Birkin bags. Well now, NK Henry is having a contest to have a bag named after you.

Write on NKHenry Facebook‘s wall- "Why NKHenry should name a bag after you".  The winner will receive a NKHenry bag named after them, which will debut for their Fall/Winter ’09 collection.

The contest ends February 3rd 2009.





Stam Bag

Jessic Stam MarcJacobs handbag Have A Bag Named After You!

Kelly Bag

Hermes Kelly bag Have A Bag Named After You!

Birkin Bag

Hermes Matte Crocodile Birkin Bag Have A Bag Named After You!


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No Fuss Grooming

Posted by Rachel Wood on January 23rd, 2009

Blink Brow Bar  No Fuss Grooming

I often find that at the end of a work day – my clients or models always look fab but I don’t get a minute for myself… which results in a rather messy looking makeup artist! So I thought with the very busy Fashion week looming and a hectic end of January work schedule that I should find a few ways for a touch of instant easy glamour that won’t need a touch up.

So first stop was Blink – a little grooming bar in Selfridges- they are also in House of Frasier and Harvey Nicks. I went in for a set of eyelash extensions- The treatment only took a half an hour- what bliss- gorgeous full lush lashes- no mascara, waking up to flirty peepers and not having to worry about eye makeup down my face at the end of a shoot day. They last for about 2 weeks. The therapist gave me a choice of lengths to choose from. I decided on the medium length. I was very pleasantly surprised at how natural they looked- like mine but fuller, blacker- pure gorgeous. Blink also offer a full threading service for those brave enough.

Next I decided my eyebrows needed a good once over. I truly believe that if you have lovely shaped brows it doesn’t matter what makeup you wear, even if its nothing at all- you will look polished. I went  over to the Bliss counter where I had an eyebrow wax that was very gentle. What was exceptional about this service that the money I spent on the waxing was redeemable against any Bliss purchases; Bonus!

Finally on my way home I picked up my favourite fake tan- Piz Buin Moose. I find this product easy to use with lovely results- caramel brown rather than typical tango orange. And it’s a reasonably priced product.
Now that that’s all done – I can concentrate on my work!

Blink Brow Bar 2 No Fuss Grooming

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Interview with Jessica DeLuca of Cult Beauty

Posted by Rebekah Roy on January 22nd, 2009

JessicaMoore Cult Beauty Interview with Jessica DeLuca of Cult Beauty

I met Jessica at a fashion party. It was one of those rare parties where everyone was very friendly and just chit chatting away. Jessica looked so fabulous I just had to speak with her and when she told me she was the Managing Director of Cult Beauty, I was so excited, as I love all the tips and product information on the site, that I had to interview her.

What got you interested in the beauty business?

JD – As early as I can remember, I was getting in trouble for raiding my mother’s makeup bag. At 10 I was already practising putting on mascara and liquid eyeliner, however, mom wouldn’t let me out of the house with any makeup on until I was about 16. I love the girliness of it all, the unabashed femininity of the industry. To me, it is the women’s equivalent of football.

Talk us through your CV.

JD – British Airways hired me out of graduate school and I got my online start in the travel industry. After Sept 11, jobs were seriously hard to come by, so I took a role at an investment bank. I specialised in large-scale web implementations at financial services companies until I left to start Cult Beauty.

How did Cult Beauty come about?

JD – Honestly, I personally was sick and tired of falling for inflated promises of very mediocre products and I didn’t trust in-store sales staff to have the expertise or incentive to give me good advice. Living in London, I had access to top stylists to cut my hair, and they would recommend products they had used on their clients on the red carpet or magazine covers. This is quite geeky – but I understood how to capture and consolidate that information and present it on the web so that it would be available to everyone. It was just how I wanted to buy beauty products – no advertising, no commission-incentivised sales staff with minimal training, just real information from the top stylists and beauty experts in the industry.

Cult Beauty Interview with Jessica DeLuca of Cult Beauty

What is in the pipeline for spring and autumn 09?

JD -  We’re bringing some gorgeous brands over from the US and also exploring beauty in Brazil.

What is the hardest part about starting an online business?

JD – Getting the corporate brands to take you seriously. Many of them still view the web as eBay, so convincing them that the web can be glamorous is difficult.

How are you finding business in the current economic climate?

JD – It is hard to say, as we are so new that this is the only economic climate that we have operated in. We’re gaining customers and readers every month, and a large proportion of our customers come back.

What is the most simple change that retailers can make to improve their online store?

JD -Get rid of the 0870 phone number!

I like your browse by celebrity feature. Do you have a celebrity following?

JD -We do and it is so exciting to see the names on our order list. And then you get their family members ordering too, and you know that someone who doesn’t have to pay for products has actually recommended us! It makes me think we are getting it right.

Do you have a favourite product?

JDM – I have so many, but currently my can’t live without product is Alison Raffaele Reality Base Foundation.

Alison Raffaele Reality Base Foundation(1) Interview with Jessica DeLuca of Cult Beauty

How does stand out from other fashion/beauty websites?

JD – The whole premise is that everything on the site is a star – a product that really works and that will truly delight, like a beauty hall of fame. Other sites offer a huge selection, but we really filter out all the dross. We’re trying to get behind the advertising, and empower women by editing out the hyperbole and lies of greedy corporations.

How many hours do you work per week?

JD – It varies, but generally between 50 – 60.

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Mannequin Etiquette?

Posted by Rebekah Roy on January 21st, 2009

Image links to wikipedia's article on mannequins, which is actually quite interesting!I can’t figure out if it’s okay to grab a mannequin by the breasts or neck. The breasts are actually very well placed and they’re the safest handles to use when grabbing the mannequin from behind and twisting the mannequin’s torso to remove it from the legs, yet it feels a little inappropriate…and twisting the mannequin from the neck works well but it just feels wrong…






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The Headscarf

Posted by Elana Solomon on January 18th, 2009

Hermes scarf The HeadscarfThere is no accessory that can spruce up a wardrobe, add a dash of sophistication and is economically viable like this seasons hottest trend – the headscarf. The headscarf is popping up everywhere! From the runways of Burberry, Gucci, Dolce and Gabbana to Proenza Schouler, the headscarf is the must-have accessory for every fashionista. The versatility of this must-have piece makes it perfect for a girl on a budget who is looking for an investment piece.

A headscarf can easily become a staple of your wardrobe. It can be tied around your head, body and even your bags to brighten winter hues. Prices range from as little as £4 to £200.

How to wear it? Try folding it into a triangle and wrapping it around your head with a bow under your chin, a la Grace Kelly in To Catch a Thief. If this style is too conservative for you embrace your inner boho and fold it into a long thin piece, perfect for capturing the hippie chic look of the 60’s and 70s (think Nicole Richie and Mischa Barton).

On days you’re not in the mood to wear it around your head, the headscarf can be transformed into a necktie or bow. Wear it around your waist (think Gucci a/w 08) and it is perfect for capturing the Russian rocker look. Wrap it around an old bag and the scarf can transform a plain or old bag into a hot new piece!

With so many ways to wear it, a scarf should be everyone’s go-to accessory! Fear not fashionista, it is never too late to invest in this stylish yet timeless piece.

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Posted by Rebekah Roy on January 17th, 2009

American Apparel Printed Nylon Legging Leggings!I do like leggings, I know most fashionistas like to hate them and they’re so 80′s but they’re so easy to wear and they’re just not going to go away. For spring lots of leggings were seen on the catwalk – think Threeasfour, Viktor & Rolf and Alexander McQueen. Lots of bold and graphic prints. American Apparel has a great selection starting at £22 and the Scandinavian label Nümph has some nice bright colours for £25.

           S/S 09 Viktor & Rolf                                Alexander McQueen

Leggings Alexander McQueen Leggings!Leggings Victor Rolf Leggings!

Leggings numph Leggings!

Orange leggings from Numph.

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Interview with Canadian Design Duo Jefferson and Sukhoo

Posted by Rebekah Roy on January 16th, 2009

jefferson sukhoo Interview with Canadian Design Duo Jefferson and Sukhoo

When you think of red carpet and gala dresses Ottawa, Canada is not the first place that comes to mind – but it is the capital of Canada so it does attract a lot of diplomats and ambassadors – which means high profile events. Party!

James Jefferson and Frank Sukhoo have been working in the fashion industry for over 20 years and have a shop in Ottawa. Jefferson Sukhoo specialize in made-to-measure pieces, and each season they come up with half a dozen looks to add to their showroom samples. (All their samples are black so that their customer can focus on the cut.) They also create bespoke pieces for many of their clients. It seems like everyone who’s anyone in Ottawa has worn a Jefferson Sukhoo dress!

I wanted to find out what’s made this team so popular and how they managed to find a niche for themselves in the world of fashion.

1. What got you interested in fashion?

JJ: I have always had an interest in fashion. Even at a young age I was mesmerized watching runway shows on television and reading about the latest trends in magazines. My earliest memory of fashion was picking up a biography about Yves Saint Laurent and thinking to myself that this is what I have to do in life.
FS: Hmm, I don’t quite remember to tell you the truth! It was after I realized that fashion (true fashion) is a form of art. Anything esthetic attracts me!

2. You’ve just recently celebrated the shop’s 4 year anniversary, have you considered setting up more shops?

For the moment we are really enjoying working one on one with our clients doing strictly custom design. However, in a few years we will produce a line of ready to wear that will be available in specialty boutiques and high end department stores.

3.Over the years you’ve developed a very loyal clientele – is there a secret to your success?

Our secret is really very simple: we’re doing something we love, we take a great deal of pride in our work and that shows. It’s also very important to assist our clients in every way possible – wardrobe planning, help with accessory selection and most importantly to make it a fun and easy experience for them.

4. Where do you get the inspiration for your designs?

A lot of our inspiration comes from our clients. Designing an outfit to flatter someone’s physique, to reflect their personal style and to infuse our own ideas into that mix is the ultimate inspiration.

5. What is the best thing about your job?

JJ: The best thing about our job is having the freedom to create beautiful things, to work with interesting and exciting clients and to make them look and feel great!
FS: When we’re in the boutique and a client puts on her outfit, looks in the mirror and says: "Wow! I had no idea I could look so good!" with a smile on her face. That’s the best feeling, because that’s what we’re about.

6. Do you have a favourite celebrity who you have worked with?

We are extremely honoured to be able to design for the Governor General of Canada. It’s wonderful to be able to showcase our designs on such an important and influential woman, who also just happens to be incredibly beautiful!

7. How are you finding business in the current economic climate?

Fortunately our clients appreciate the calibre of our work and don’t seem to be making any wardrobe compromises.

8. Who is your favourite menswear designer

JJ: My favourite menswear designer is Tom Ford – sexy and modern.
FS: D&G. As a guy, it’s great to have designers that make fashionable clothes for men without losing masculinity.

9. Do you ever design for yourselves?

FS: Yes, whenever I can.

JJ: Not as often as I would like!

10. Do you really wear matching or coordinated outfits?

Once for a laugh we wore matching outfits for a photo shoot. The photographer refused to shoot us that way and came back 3 days in a row to re-shoot, only to find us in different matching outfits each time. On day 3 he gave in! LOL

11. What can we expect from the brand for spring 09?

Spring 09 for Jefferson Sukhoo will continue to be about superb lines, luxurious fabrics and keen attention to details. Only the best – no compromises.

12. What advice would you give to young designers?

JJ: Be passionate, be prepared to work very, very hard, get as much experience as you can and most importantly – be humble.
FS: Be ready to stick at it! Fashion is not glamorous, you have to be a workaholic to be successful in this industry, but as long as you enjoy your work – you will always be happy.


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Drapers: Interview with Courtney Blackman and Alyson Whelan of Fashion Business Club

Posted by Rebekah Roy on January 15th, 2009

Drapers rebekah roy fashion business club Drapers: Interview with Courtney Blackman and Alyson Whelan of Fashion Business Club

To read the rest of this interview visit

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The Stylist is often the first person to arrive and the last to leave…

Posted by Rebekah Roy on January 14th, 2009

Fashion shoot The Stylist is often the first person to arrive and the last to leave...

I was recently on a shoot and for some reason it dawned on me that a lot of people don’t really get how many things you have to think about when you’re the stylist on a shoot! I could write a book – but instead here’s a few thoughts:

Most students new to styling don’t realize that the stylist is often the first person to arrive and the last to leave. On a shoot everyone needs to see the clothes – the creative director, the editor, photographer, hair and make up artists and the celebrity or model, so it’s important that all the clothes are set up as quickly as possible and then everyone else can get started.

There are some shoots where you know exactly beforehand what you will be using – you might have done a fitting already or it might be a designer’s look book – every shoot is different but quite often you’ll bring a good selection of clothes. After the shoot all the items are returned to the PRs or designers – the stylist doesn’t keep the clothes but sometimes if a celebrity likes something her or she might be able to keep it or the PR/designer might send them something.

Fashion shoot shoes The Stylist is often the first person to arrive and the last to leave...

Fashion Shoot Makep The Stylist is often the first person to arrive and the last to leave...

Nicky Hambleton Jones Fashion shoot The Stylist is often the first person to arrive and the last to leave...

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Tracy Anderson – Madonna’s and Gwyneth’s personal trainer does good Skin

Posted by Rachel Wood on January 13th, 2009

Tracy Anderson Tracy Anderson   Madonnas and Gwyneths personal trainer does good Skin

So it’s the first week of Jan and things in my world of makeup are already very busy. I’ve had a few meetings for this upcoming Feb’s London Fashion Week- so watch this space for future makeup tips hot off the catwalks. I’ve also spent this week with one of my most lovely clients- the pint sized powerhouse- Tracy Anderson. You may have heard the buzz about her- she is Madonnas and Gwyneth Paltrows personal trainer and she has been in London promoting her amazing new fitness DVD

I first met Tracy back in Sept, I was doing her makeup for a photoshoot with her and Gwyneth Paltrow for US magazine- Gotham. Tracy spends a lot of time traveling which can sometimes take a toll her complexion- so I paid extra attention to her skin to make sure it was looking its best for the shoot.. she was super happy with the results; so much so that she requested me back for more work ( the ultimate compliment to any makeup artist!)
To achieve this flawless photographic look I applied- Benefits Some Kind of Gorgeous first on the skin after her moisturiser- this is a tinted moisturiser mixed with thier trademark DR Feelgood primer- a 2 in one, I find it gives a gental even tone to the skin and makes the skin feel silky smooth- Next using a foundation brush and painting the skin in an up and down movement, I applied MAC Studio tech- a cream to powder foundation, for a look that was flawless. To finish, I dusted a touch of translucent powder. What I love about Tracy is that she turned me onto one of her favourite products- she uses Fresh- compact powder, which I hadnt tried before. IT has a touch of sheen and isnt cakey or heavy- and I am always on the look out for whats new and good, a definate new staple to my makeup kit.

If you want to re-create Tracy’s look, make sure you include these items – nude lip pencil, peachy sheer lip gloss, bronzer, a touch of shimmer highligher and a few individaul lashes to the outter corner of the eye- think a natural blonde bomshell, a more toned down, subtle Pamila Anderson or Bridget Bardo.

And if any of you are interested in how to get that hot lean body check out (watch this space as I plan on doing the DVD myself and will let you all know how it goes!)

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Working at Look Magazine – An Interview with Lucy Wood

Posted by Rebekah Roy on January 12th, 2009

Lucy Woods Working at Look Magazine   An Interview with Lucy Wood

So you want to work at one of the most popular and influential magazines? Do you live, eat and breathe fashion, and can you work harder than you ever thought possible? Are you willing to give up your summer holidays? Not many people have what it takes, but here’s one: take a lesson from Lucy Wood, Fashion News Editor at Look Magazine!

What got you interested in fashion?
LW- Glossy magazines. I started reading Vogue religiously from the age of twelve and have every issue since archived in my flat. Each time I flicked through a fashion mag I’d get a real kick and soon became addicted to clothes. I think if you have style, that it is instilled in you and although you can learn to understand what shoes go with what dress or what trends are key each season, it’s not the same as being born with an eye for fashion. I still get that buzzy feeling reading a glossy fashion mag.

Where did you do to school/university?
LW – I studied fashion journalism at the London College of Fashion, leaving with a BA (Hons) in Fashion Promotion – Journalism. At college I wasn’t sure if I really wanted to go to university because I wasn’t 100% sure what I wanted to do for a living. What I did know it what made me tick: art, graphics, media and fashion. When I heard about the Fashion Promotion course at LCF I made a decision that it was either going to be that or nothing. It’s lucky that they gave me a place (there were sixty applicants to every place available!) because I was adamant I wouldn’t study anywhere else!

Talk us through your fashion CV.
LW – Being a student at the London College of Fashion means you are instantly thrown into work experience placements. They encourage you from the off set to spend each holiday working at a magazine, in a photographers studio, in a PR agency, whatever you were interested in. To come back to a new term from the summer break with your holiday snaps instead of a glowing reference from a placement was like committing a crime! My first placement was at Mandi Lennard Publicty during London Fashion Week where I worked on fashion shows for Karen Walker and Eley Kishimoto. There were so many creative people packed into one place and I loved every minute. Doing the shows is still one of my favourite things about my job. Next, I went onto the press office at Oasis for six weeks one summer before going to Grazia (I’d decided at this point that PR wasn’t for me and that my heart belonged to mags.) After a few months working in the fashion cupboard I met my old Editor, Melanie Rickey, who took me under her wing and trained me to be a fashion journalist. Eventually I became her assistant and was spending more time in the Grazia office than I was in the lecture halls at university. I figured that it was a once in a lifetime opportunity that I could not turn down because I was studying to do this job and here was an amazing, well respected editor saying that she would train me. Uni were great about it and I actually spent my final year finishing my degree from the Grazia office. It was pretty tough but I tried to think of the final results! After two years as Fashion News and Features Assistant at Grazia, I was offered my current job as Fashion News Editor at Look. It’s great working for a magazine with instant results. If I write a story on Friday morning, it will hit the newsstands four days later on Tuesday – instant gratification! I’m also Editing a new style publication called RANDOM ( which comes out twice a year. It’s a high-end magazine full of amazing shoots and interviews but still quite underground so go check it out – you won’t be disappointed! I really don’t know how I find the time but seeing the final results on the stands makes all those nights spent in, editing pages when my friends are in the pub, well worth while!

What is your job title?
LW – I’m Fashion News Editor at Look and Editor of RANDOM magazine.

What is a typical work day like?
LW – Varied! One day I’m writing a story about a new collection hitting the Topshop rails, the next, giving my verdict on Angelina Jolie’s latest red carpet gown, the next, interviewing Todd Lynn in Soho House.

What is the best thing about your job?
LW – Seeing all of the new lines before everyone else! Shopping all day, everyday. Interviewing designers and celebrities. Lunching with PR’s. Discounted clothes. Trips abroad… There really are so many perks and when I struggled to get out of bed in the morning I try to remind myself what a brilliant job I have and not to get slack!

What is the hardest part about your job?
LW – Probably the pace and trying to juggle it all. I never get to respond to all of my email and it really worries me that people think I am being rude – there just aren’t enough hours in the day! Also, having to say no to PR’s, photographers, models and so on… It’s pretty horrible being the decision maker all of the time and having to turn people down when you would prefer to use someone else.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

LW – On one of the monthly glossy magazine like Vogue, Elle or at one of the newspaper supplements. I love Sunday Times Style and The Telegraph’s Stella. I also really want to be a consultant for Topshop, I’d love to be a part of bringing trends to the masses.

What advice would you give someone who’d like to work in the fashion industry?
LW – Start as quickly as possibly because it’s inevitable that you’ll have to work for free at first. Also, take everything with a pinch of salt and don’t get involved in the cattiness of it all!

What is your favourite high street shop?

LW – American Apparel for their cotton body con dresses. I have about four of them and they form the foundations of most os my outfits. I also think New Look do great shoes in you’re on a budget – apparently they sell a pair every three seconds!

What is your favourite trend for Spring/Summer 09?

LW – I love the sporty crop tops and bra tops thing but am not sure if I’m actually brave enough to rock them! I’ve been breaking myself in slowly with a Toshop faded crop top over a tight jersey dress and a M&S floral bra-top under a semi-undone denim shirt but that’s sort of cheating! Unfortunately my midriff isn’t what it used to be!

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Justin Timberlake’s clothing line William Rast to show at NY Fashion Week

Posted by Rebekah Roy on January 11th, 2009

William Rast Justin Timberlake’s clothing line William Rast to show at NY Fashion Week

William Rast by Justin Timberlake and Trace Ayala are best known for their premium jeans. They will show this season at New York Fashion Week. Naturally they have a celebrity following, including Cameron Diaz, Paris Hilton, Jessica Simpson just to name a few.

The brand was created in 2006 and the name "William Rast" is a combination of their grandfather’s names. The feel of the collection is inspired from growing up in Memphis and first collection had 60 pieces of men’s and women’s wear.

I have very mixed feeling about "celebrity" designers. Many artists have the resources to create and build their brand.They already love clothes, they understand their style and they know what they like and what works for them. Part of enjoying someone’s music is that you also like their style, you identify with them – so there’s already a market.

Jaclyn Smith Kmart Justin Timberlake’s clothing line William Rast to show at NY Fashion Week

In 1985 Jaclyn Smith from Charlies Angles did a line for K-mart. Since then lots of singers, models and actors have created their own line: Kate Moss, Gwen Stephanie, Puff Daddy, JLo, Liz Hurly and the list goes on and on.  I don’t really resent it – part of it’s just business and it makes sense but part of me really sympathizes with fashion designers. I just know how hard it is for the new designer. There are so many young (and well established ) designers who can’t afford to show this season.

 William Rast Spring 09

William Rast1 Justin Timberlake’s clothing line William Rast to show at NY Fashion Week Justin Timberlake’s clothing line William Rast to show at NY Fashion Week Justin Timberlake’s clothing line William Rast to show at NY Fashion WeekWilliam Rasr3 Justin Timberlake’s clothing line William Rast to show at NY Fashion Week

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Fifteen Minutes on the Kings Road

Posted by Rebekah Roy on January 10th, 2009

Fifteen Minutes Kings Road 1jpg Fifteen Minutes on the Kings Road

I was sitting across from this man on the tube admiring all his accessories thinking that I’d really like to take his photo – fortunately we got off at the same stop. I just thought he looked so dapper and genuine. Anyway he has a shop, Fifteen Minutes on the Kings Road.

Fifteen Minutes Kings Road Fifteen Minutes on the Kings Road

 King’s Mall, 122 King’s Road, SW3 4TL

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