You might think that because knitwear designer Mark Fast grew up in Winnipeg that his garments would be warm and cosy but he’s created some of the chicest and sexist knitwear around! Think corsetry, Elizabethan/Joan of Arc and a hint of S&M. Mark knits everything by hand on a domestic knitting machine. Mark studied fashionContinue reading

Winter Blues Turn the World Upside Down but a Fabulous Winter Coat Turns all Around As the winter drags on and spring and its glorious fashion seems further and further away, there is one thing we fashionistas have to bury our winter blues away, the Winter Coat. This essential winter investment can give a liftContinue reading

Who can resist a girl who walks around in tights and vintage Versace sunglasses and who doesn’t give a sh*t what other people think? Too many people want to be famous just for the sake of being fabulous and Lady Gaga is fabulous but when I saw her at the Nokia party at Punk sheContinue reading

Last night I saw Ava Leigh perform at the Soho Review in London. I love seeing new singers perform. Ava has a fabulous voice – think Amy Winehouse/Joss Stone + touch of reggae. She’s just a cool, hippy chic girl living in Brighton – which seems to suit her. She declined to go to stageContinue reading

Every now and then I get the opportunity to style a fun project, like The Nokia Tube Dance. Parts of the dance are quite easy to learn and it’s kind of contagious: I find myself dancing around the house a bit more lately! There was lots of talent involved on this project. Britain’s Got TalentContinue reading

I love London. I love London’s fashion, I love London’s architecture- I even love the new mayor of London! But above all I love London’s markets. Any free day I have you will often see me strolling along in Spitalfields or down Portabello. The creative raw talent that permeates the stalls is addictive. I haveContinue reading

 Wouldn’t it be cool to be so fabulous that a designer names a handbag after you? Think the Stam bag, and of course Hermes has both the Kelly and Birkin bags. Well now, NK Henry is having a contest to have a bag named after you. Write on NKHenry Facebook‘s wall- "Why NKHenry should nameContinue reading

I often find that at the end of a work day – my clients or models always look fab but I don’t get a minute for myself… which results in a rather messy looking makeup artist! So I thought with the very busy Fashion week looming and a hectic end of January work schedule thatContinue reading

I met Jessica at a fashion party. It was one of those rare parties where everyone was very friendly and just chit chatting away. Jessica looked so fabulous I just had to speak with her and when she told me she was the Managing Director of Cult Beauty, I was so excited, as I loveContinue reading

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I can’t figure out if it’s okay to grab a mannequin by the breasts or neck. The breasts are actually very well placed and they’re the safest handles to use when grabbing the mannequin from behind and twisting the mannequin’s torso to remove it from the legs, yet it feels a little inappropriate…and twisting theContinue reading

There is no accessory that can spruce up a wardrobe, add a dash of sophistication and is economically viable like this seasons hottest trend – the headscarf. The headscarf is popping up everywhere! From the runways of Burberry, Gucci, Dolce and Gabbana to Proenza Schouler, the headscarf is the must-have accessory for every fashionista. TheContinue reading

I do like leggings, I know most fashionistas like to hate them and they’re so 80’s but they’re so easy to wear and they’re just not going to go away. For spring lots of leggings were seen on the catwalk – think Threeasfour, Viktor & Rolf and Alexander McQueen. Lots of bold and graphic prints.Continue reading

When you think of red carpet and gala dresses Ottawa, Canada is not the first place that comes to mind – but it is the capital of Canada so it does attract a lot of diplomats and ambassadors – which means high profile events. Party! James Jefferson and Frank Sukhoo have been working in theContinue reading

So you want to work at one of the most popular and influential magazines? Do you live, eat and breathe fashion, and can you work harder than you ever thought possible? Are you willing to give up your summer holidays? Not many people have what it takes, but here’s one: take a lesson from LucyContinue reading

I was sitting across from this man on the tube admiring all his accessories thinking that I’d really like to take his photo – fortunately we got off at the same stop. I just thought he looked so dapper and genuine. Anyway he has a shop, Fifteen Minutes on the Kings Road.  King’s Mall, 122Continue reading