Lily Allen has Style

I’ve always liked . I loved her style in the video Smile: a vintage prom dress, trainers and gold hoop earrings. It was such an original look that the high street chain New Look worked with Lily Allen to launch her first capsule clothing line Lily Loves Lily Allen for New Look.

Smile was released in July 2006 when Lily was just 21. Ok, two years later she not only looks svelte but very polished. There was something slightly disheveled and unique that I first really liked about her style. Today it’s a more polished and label conscience look. As you get older your style does grows and change, and for artists this happens at an exponential rate. You earn more money, more people are watching you, designers are giving you things, more people are telling you how you should look, and what you are wearing becomes more important. Of course we know that Lily’s always done everything on her own terms. Right from the beginning she didn’t listen to her record label and she put demos on her myspace.

Anyway, it might look like it’s all about the outfit, accessories, and YSL heels but it’s still good to know that if Lily doesn’t like it she won’t wear it.

PS. Don’t you love that she’s still wearing hoop earrings!


Why does every celebrity think they have to carry a Chanel 2.55?


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