Coco Rocha the Rootstein Mannequin

What makes a good mannequin?  Lots of people think it’s easy to style a mannequin but it’s a lot more pinning than you imagine. Every shop window has – they’re essentail for creating the right brand image. But what makes a good mannequin and how do you chose?

Adel & Co. started making mannequins during the early 1960s. Most mannequins at the time were imported from Paris but they didn’t suit the new styles of Biba and Mary Quant. Twiggy, Sandie Shaw, Joanna Lumley, Janet Suzman, Joan Collins, Lord Patrick Lichfield, Marie Helvin, Dianne Brill, Yasmin Le Bon, Susanne Barscht, Ute Lemper, Karen Mulder and Jodie Kidd have all been immortalized as a Rootstien mannequin.

It takes weeks to create the perfect mannequin. A plaster cast is made to produce the final mould. A mannequin reflects what we think is beautiful at the moment in time.

Click here to see the most recent face: Canadian model Coco Rocha!

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