Urban Outfitters I Support Same Sex Marriage T-Shirt

This prehistoric anti-gay stuff is going to stop eventually. has removed from it’s shelves a t-shirt it was selling, which has the slogan "I Support Same Sex Marriage." Kudos to the buyers who brought the t-shirt in, and boo hiss to the executive(s) who decided to pull it.

The t-shirt was designed by Tara Littman of Support Shirts, and she was told that it was pulled because of bad press. Of course the bad press is pretty much impossible to find on the internet, so why was it pulled?

Well, consider that Richard Hayne, the CEO of Urban Outfitters, is apparently a right-wing republican who supports senators who voted for legislation against gay marriage.

Yuck. I do have faith in the human race though, and speaking of race there have been a lot of t-shirts etc. supporting the idea of a black man for president of the United States – I wonder what would have happened to a store that tried to sell those, say, 50+ years ago? It’s great that such progress has been made that Barack Obama made it to the White House, and this anti-gay stupidity will stop one day as well.


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  1. Eric
    April 30, 2009 at 20:20

    People shouldn’t advertise such personal moral stances on their bodies. If someone asks your opinion then give it to them. Otherwise you are just going to piss them off sticking something like this in peoples faces. Just my $.2.

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