Rubber Pants vs Pretty Polly Secret Slimmer Tights!

This is a 1949 ad for Platex Pink-Ice rubber pants!

I know, we can’t quite imagine ourselves wearing a pair of rubber pants so we’ll look slim in our latest fashions but who knows maybe we would have! (of course we would have!)


…and here’s the latest version…something more comfortable!

If you’d like to look a bit more svelt Pretty Polly Secret Slimmer might be perfect for the holiday season.(You can now eat that extra mince pie)!

I tried a pair of these tights in a 15 denier and you do feel held in, in all the right places without your circulation being cut off  – tummy and thigh control. The tights have variable compressions which give the body smooth lines and it’s designed so you don’t look like you’re wearing a big pair of pants. They are 88% Nylon, 11% Elastane and 1% Cotton and they feel very nice! Whoo extra mince pies this season!!

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