Whenever I’ve styled plus size models, they always seem really happy and healthy. I did this shoot with plus size model Louise MacCallum – a size 14. It’s hard to believe that a size 14 is a "plus size" model when the average woman in the UK is a size 16. According to a recentContinue reading

Say goodbye to 2008 looking like the most glamourous you and unleash a touch of shimmer- Give Posh spice’s cheekbones a run for her money and brush a touch of shimmer across your cheeks for super sexy highlighted shine.  This makes them pop- I love Bobbi Browns Shimmer Bricks- It always makes my cheeks lookContinue reading

Stella McCartney launches it’s first mobile advertising campaign in North America. The campaign debuted earlier this month and runs throughout January. The ads will appear on about a dozen sites in the Millenial Media network. This is the brand’s first launch into mobile marketing representing a clear step forward to reach tech-savvy consumers – women!Continue reading

Rumour has it that Philip Green is in talks with Christina Aguilera about a new range for Topshop – a 4 Million dollar deal. Christina is not new to endorsing products. In 2000 she was the face for make-up line Fetish. She’s also endorsed Skechers, Mercedes-Benz, Verizon Wireless, Coca-Cola in 2001 and Pepsi in 2006.Continue reading

I was lucky enough to see Eartha Kitt perform in Paris. She was amazing, and held the room captive when she sang. She was the original for the type of powerful woman who knows how to use their sexuality. She was the kind of woman who could scare a man – a real "man-eater!" TheContinue reading

Harold Pinter

If you want to understand Harold Pinter’s influence on fashion and pop culture then the video for "Just" is a great place to start. Actually, any time you see a man with a thin tie acting jaded or menacing in a fashion shoot or ad, that’s Harold Pinter’s influence at work. In today’s over-the-top culture,Continue reading

I like Suri Cruise and I hope she grows up to be a nice successful person. There is no arguing that Suri Cruise is very cute. She cute because she’s dressed like a little girl without being too flowery or fussy. Think about it, Suri has great hair, both of her parents have thick brownContinue reading

So it’s your final year at school and you’re graduating soon? What’s a girl to do? Well, take some advice from Hannah Almassi, the Fashion News and Features Assistant at Grazia UK. *       What did you study at school and where? I went to Nottingham Trent University which has a great art and design school.Continue reading

I’ve always liked Lily Allen. I loved her style in the video Smile: a vintage prom dress, trainers and gold hoop earrings. It was such an original look that the high street chain New Look worked with Lily Allen to launch her first capsule clothing line Lily Loves Lily Allen for New Look. Smile wasContinue reading

What makes a good mannequin?  Lots of people think it’s easy to style a mannequin but it’s a lot more pinning than you imagine. Every shop window has mannequins – they’re essentail for creating the right brand image. But what makes a good mannequin and how do you chose? Adel Rootstein & Co. started makingContinue reading

Christmas By Colour Granny Colours

I’m having a really hard time getting into Christmas because I’ve been so busy I haven’t even had time to shop and or send xmas cards – and it’s not snowy! This is just what I needed – some Christmas colour therapy! Christmas By Colour is a project to support a charity with a greatContinue reading

This prehistoric anti-gay stuff is going to stop eventually. Urban Outfitters has removed from it’s shelves a t-shirt it was selling, which has the slogan "I Support Same Sex Marriage." Kudos to the buyers who brought the t-shirt in, and boo hiss to the executive(s) who decided to pull it. The t-shirt was designed byContinue reading

I love Kings of Leon and would love to work with them. I think they are so cool as I can’t resist a band with great style! Sometimes when I’m listening to "Sex on Fire" I have Bruce Springsteen in my head. Does this happen to anybody else?  It reminds me of Bruce Springsteen’s 1984Continue reading

There are so few pure looks nowadays – every look’s a hybrid. It makes you want to track down the original sources of the looks you see in fashion now, and here’s one: Susan Dey from the Partridge Family, circa 1970 – wow… source: eatskeet

Life is full of cliches. The problem with cliches is that they are usually true. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Beauty comes from within. All true, but just sometimes something on the outside can change how we feel on the inside. This time of year, there’s so much expectation for one toContinue reading

The Subways are off to tour Europe and Australia in the New Year! This is a band I really enjoy working with. We did this shoot in west London for an American magazine. Their very cool song "Alright" Billy Lunn – Guitar & Vocals Charlotte Cooper – Bass & Vocals Josh Morgan – Drums