High Heel Work Out

I think I can walk in high heels. I just blame the if my feet hurt but is it the way I’m walking in my 5 inch heels that’s actually causing the pain? The new edition of the Legwork out High Heel Fitness DVD is out! It was designed by New York multi-disciplinary . There is even a version of the DVD for your iPod. This video is designed to give you the strength & posture to walk well in high heels.

Last weekend I read an article in The Sunday Times about how high heels effect your spine and your entire body – it was a bit disturbing. So if we’re going to still wear high heels we may as well wear them well. I think any exercise is good for you. The Legwork offer classes which I’d definitely try but I think they are only in the states…I haven’t seen the DVD but I maybe it’s worth a try!

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2 comments on “High Heel Work Out

  1. Clementine
    November 1, 2008 at 1:01

    I remember not too long ago reading that wearing high heels was good for you….so who knows, suppose it could be good for the well being as you feel a lot sexier in heels than without!

  2. Lauren
    November 4, 2008 at 15:15

    It must have been a slow news day! High heels are the best and I can think of many more reasons to wear them as why not to :D

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