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Fashion Forecast – Pearls are back!

Posted by Rebekah Roy on October 28th, 2008

Pearls have always been fashionable but they do come and go.  Just remember, these are not your grandmother’s pearls but oh wouldn’t you be so lucky if they were! Expect to see more pearls this season, and layered up. In times of turmoil we look for stability and pearls are just perfect for that. It’s about luxury but not indulgent luxury – refined luxury.

Love this classic chic look. You have to be young and fresh to make this look work!

  Fashion Forecast   Pearls are back!

Monsoon’s Phoebe Statement Necklace only £22.00.

Pearl Necklace Phoebe Statement Necklace  Fashion Forecast   Pearls are back!

Loving these layers of contrasting pearls, the Pearl Cluster Necklace is available at Jaegar £99.00.

Pearl Cluster necklace Jaegar(1)  Fashion Forecast   Pearls are back!

Super chic- I think that layers of pearls like this is a much harder look to pull off. You have to have a sense of style and fun to work these long layers. Of course model agent Carley Meagor totally rocks this look!

  Fashion Forecast   Pearls are back!

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