Patricia Field and the M&S Dress

I could easily wear something from Patricia Field‘s shop in New York and I already have a drawer full of M&S underwear, but why am I reluctant to buy Patricia Field for M&S? I love the black   – you could have it for years in your wardrobe – for only £125.00 it seems a steal! I can’t resist the 1/2 gloves and the Red Hot Asymmetric Dress is only £65. I know it’s all a good deal and lots of women will love it. It hits all the marks: nice shapes, good fabrics, good price points, good selection – over 25 different pieces. Maybe it’s just too easy to go to M&S and find a hot Sex in the City dress?

The Short Leather Gloves – designed by Patricia Field
£15.00 – Very CB.

Maybe M&S and Patricia Field have made it a bit too easy. I know so many women have so little time to shop so Patricia Field’s collection could be the perfect solution, but for me I enjoy the hunt, the challenge – the true longing for that perfect dress.

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  1. Make Do & Mend
    October 20, 2008 at 22:22

    It’s easy for me I’ve got no money! but you are right it is all in the hunt!

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