Red or Dead Eye Ball

I went to a wonderful event for Red or Dead at Home House in central London. designs footwear, , , but tonight was all about spectacles. The presentation was truly unique as you could view the spectacles at eye level – (if you’re 5′ 2") and you can easily see all the detail. Most of the shape were rectangular which actually suits a wide variety of face shapes. Some of the prints were amazing from edgy black & white frames to lipstick & leopard prints.

It’s amazing how important eyewear has become. It can completely change how you look. It gives you a specific style the moment you put on a pair of glasses. I think if you wear glasses it would be great to have three pairs. You might think three pairs are extravagant but this collection is quite reasonably priced and available at .

This fabric and print was created especially for Red or Dead eyewear and will be used as part of the packaging.

Chocolate martinis, mojitos and the most delectable h’orderves, everything from mini quiches to hamburgers, fish & chip and even shepherds pie. I was stuffed but of course I couldn’t resist the chocolate martinis!

Clare Copland, on the left designed the dresses for the Red or Dead event! Creative director is in the middle and wearing one of the dress with a great leather belt. How fab is she! She’s been the creative director for 16 years and has over 600 pairs of , and of course some great handbags!

We are wearing the invites for the event. The marketing is all very cheeky but very clever – very Red or Dead.

The team from On|Off are great fans of Katey’s; you’d understand she’s the kind of girl that once you’ve met her you just become a fan. Lee Lapthorne is on the far left, then one of the prs from Chase, Clare Copland, Katey Greenyer and uber cool Diana Findlay.

Bridget Marsh on the left, is from and writer Katie Corcoran is from Love this site, it’s been around for 10 year!

Would you wear glasses as a fashion accessory?


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