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Entries from October 2008

Antony Micallef – Weapon Face

Posted by Rebekah Roy on October 31st, 2008

We pass by so many objects & images each day that we become desensitized. I passed by this sculpture the other day and it just made me start thinking about why we notice some things and not others. Art is always subjective and visceral. I liked that this sculpture is outside in front of the Royal Academy across the street from Abercrombie & Finch where there seems to be a young and enthusiastic crowd outside the store front everyday.

  Antony Micallef   Weapon Face

The placque on the nickel plated sculpture reads: The Idol of Kids Today – Weapon Face. You can see more of Antony Micallef’s work at the Royal Academy from 1 November 2008 to Jan 19, 2009.

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High Heel Work Out

Posted by Rebekah Roy on October 30th, 2008

I think I can walk in high heels. I just blame the shoes if my feet hurt but is it the way I’m walking in my 5 inch heels that’s actually causing the pain? The new edition of the Legwork out High Heel Fitness DVD is out! It was designed by New York multi-disciplinary Kristin Victoria Barron. There is even a version of the DVD for your iPod. This video is designed to give you the strength & posture to walk well in high heels.

legworkout  High Heel Work Out

Last weekend I read an article in The Sunday Times about how high heels effect your spine and your entire body – it was a bit disturbing. So if we’re going to still wear high heels we may as well wear them well. I think any exercise is good for you. The Legwork offer classes which I’d definitely try but I think they are only in the states…I haven’t seen the DVD but I maybe it’s worth a try!

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Pink U + Ur Hand – Style Icon

Posted by Rebekah Roy on October 29th, 2008

I love Pink’s look in the video U + Ur Hand. I think she looks amazing and iconic. Pink might not have the most beautiful face in the world but that has nothing to do with her style power. Pink’s always has such a strong look and you always remember her. She’s done this from day one; she was memorable with her pink hair from her debut album Can’t Take Me Home.

PInk CantTakeMeHomeCover  Pink U + Ur Hand   Style Icon

So many new musician/girl bands are afraid to commit to a strong look or they don’t even have a look and that they just end up looking ordinary like everyone else and you forget them after meeting them.

Pink1  Pink U + Ur Hand   Style IconPink2  Pink U + Ur Hand   Style IconPink3  Pink U + Ur Hand   Style IconPink4  Pink U + Ur Hand   Style IconPink5  Pink U + Ur Hand   Style Icon

It’s not easy to do such great make-up, especially for video or television. Each look probably takes about 3-4 hours!

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Fashion Forecast – Pearls are back!

Posted by Rebekah Roy on October 28th, 2008

Pearls have always been fashionable but they do come and go.  Just remember, these are not your grandmother’s pearls but oh wouldn’t you be so lucky if they were! Expect to see more pearls this season, and layered up. In times of turmoil we look for stability and pearls are just perfect for that. It’s about luxury but not indulgent luxury – refined luxury.

Love this classic chic look. You have to be young and fresh to make this look work!

  Fashion Forecast   Pearls are back!

Monsoon’s Phoebe Statement Necklace only £22.00.

Pearl Necklace Phoebe Statement Necklace  Fashion Forecast   Pearls are back!

Loving these layers of contrasting pearls, the Pearl Cluster Necklace is available at Jaegar £99.00.

Pearl Cluster necklace Jaegar(1)  Fashion Forecast   Pearls are back!

Super chic- I think that layers of pearls like this is a much harder look to pull off. You have to have a sense of style and fun to work these long layers. Of course model agent Carley Meagor totally rocks this look!

  Fashion Forecast   Pearls are back!

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Grace Jones – Style Icon

Posted by Rebekah Roy on October 27th, 2008

grace jones2  Grace Jones    Style IconGraceJones Dazed  Grace Jones    Style Icon

I love Grace Jones. She’s everywhere right now and she’s releasing a new album in November, Hurricane - it’s her first studio album to be released in 19 years. She’s also on the cover of Dazed & Confused November issue with an art special in a 12-page visual collaboration with photographer Chris Cunningham.

Grace Jones has been a style icon for almost 3 decades. I’ve always been in awe of Grace Jones. There are very few people – artists that I would be excited & nervous to meet – I think Grace Jones would be one of them. First of all I love her voice, it’s so distinct and highly stylized; she has a range of 2 1/2 octaves. And her face, it’s just so beautiful and her skin is so black and she has such perfect skin. Would you believe she’s 60?

grace jones4  Grace Jones    Style IconGraceJone  Grace Jones    Style Icon

grace jones5  Grace Jones    Style Icongrace jones q awards  Grace Jones    Style Icon

Grace Jones is performing on January 27th & 28th at The Roundhouse in London.


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