Victoria Beckham supports British Designers

We all talk about supporting British designers, let’s face it VB can wear any designer that she chooses. So how cool is that when she knows the world is watching she promotes British designers. Yup, very cool!

wore a pair of  Antonio Berardi PVC for the launch of her fragrance at Macy’s. I love that VB often wears British designers at her own launches. You have to be pretty secure, confident and believe in the other designers that you’re promoting.

She wore Ana Šekularac at the launch of  DvB at Harrods!


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2 comments on “Victoria Beckham supports British Designers

  1. Make Do & Mend
    October 1, 2008 at 8:08

    I’m with you VB is a cred to the UK. In my eyes she can do no wrong! I love you always give her great PR.

    As for my plaid dress, I’m not way too cool – is that a nice way of saying the dress is too dull. I have a blindspot when it comes to Toast, it is my default comfort when I imagine I live in a log cabin!

  2. Carl Starling
    October 2, 2008 at 11:11

    Those shoes are intense…how would you walk in these?!

    I love that Vic B supports British designers…when I showed at London Graduate Fashion Week, she bought a dress from one of the winning designers’ collections…how many other celebs do you see doing this?

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