British Customer Service

Yes, I know that already sounds ironic. is something that I don’t expect any more. I’m not saying that was great in Canada – in one department store you could never find a sales person – but that store went under…There are some shops in London that are quite good, my local grocery shop is one of them. Also there are lots of boutique shops that are amazing. They are noteworthy because of the service. I think great just makes good business sense.

I don’t usually gripe but I just don’t understand why the escalator is out of service for several months at my tube station. The up escalator is working but my assistant and I are often carrying heavy cases & all sorts of things down the stairs. I also think about when I’m old, will I be able to walk down all those stairs? I just keep thinking would it take 6 months to fix an escalator in Toronto?


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2 comments on “British Customer Service

  1. Make Do & Mend
    October 1, 2008 at 8:08

    It is very wrong – you see if you’re going get old you need to stay fit.

  2. red-handed
    October 3, 2008 at 17:17

    That department store in Canada … that wouldn’t be Eaton’s, would it? Specifically the Eaton’s that used to be in downtown Winnipeg? Because I remember it as being a place where I could set myself on fire before getting a sales rep’s attention.

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