Ethical Fashion Sometimes just looks like Fashion!

I did a fashion shoot the other day with ethically made clothes. 15 graduate students from the UK went to South Africa & Ghana to work with underdeveloped remote communities to create more business. The students worked with local artists and designers assisting them in the making of a new collection. The collection will be sold on line in October.

I do enjoy working on shoots – but before the actual day of the shoot the preparations can be quite stressful. The casting is vital and takes up the most time, then organizing the hair and make up and of course finding any : , tights etc that we might need for the shoot. Fortunately the better prepared you are the more likely the shoot will come together in the end.The were so great and so much fun as everyone was quite excited to be part of such a cool project! 

Anyway I was able to book one of the model for a show for – which starts tomorrow. I’ll keep you posted as I’ve been working on several shows so it should be a good week!!!

If you like an item, maybe a dress, are you more likely to buy it because it was ethical made or is that just a bonus?

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2 comments on “Ethical Fashion Sometimes just looks like Fashion!

  1. gilda
    September 14, 2008 at 22:22

    if it was a design that i really did like, i’d definitely get it. especially if i was comparing between a sustainable design and a non-sustainable design, and trying to pick one. if i liked them both equally much, the ethical one might have an edge. i’m a designer myself and i think it’s really important to explore that side of fashion. i mean, fashion is something that EVERY ONE of us is surrounded with. we all wear clothes! so to be able to help save the environment in the meantime is amazing.

  2. Lenya Jones
    September 15, 2008 at 0:00

    I recently did an Eco Friendly photo shoot for a magazine in Australia. The clothing was beautiful to work with and because of the whole Eco theme I was able to secure wonderful wood and natural accessories from a vintage shop. If you are interested here is a link to the shoot –

    Probably not a flash as yours but I’m quite proud of it.

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