Harriet’s Muse – Mind Your Manners!

I’m really looking forward to styling Harriet’s Muse‘s show, Mind Your Manners. I’ve worked with Craig & Cheryl for several years and I just love what they do. Their Spring/Summer 09 collection is so beautiful and cool. The show’s only a few days away, it’s on Monday at Vauxhall Fashion Scout. It’s a challenge to make a new collection and create a fashion show. The whole team has been very busy and working all hours of the day and night. Well, designing is hard enough but about 2 weeks ago someone stole Craig’s car which had several new patterns and toiles in it. If that wasn’t stressful enough today the power went our for a couple of hours in while the team was sewing away. Of course no matter what, the collection will be finished and the show will look amazing! Can’t wait to show you the pics!!

working away in the dark!

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