The Hills – Who’s your favourite?

I never watched The Hills until one of my work experience assistants said she wanted to work in fashion because she was inspired by . I know lots of fashion people have a love-hate relationship with TV but I’ll watch any fashion-related programme. I think I’ve watched most episodes of so I feel pretty up-to-date. I think you can actually learn quite a bit about fashion from the show but of course everything on TV is 100x more glamourous than in real life. Whitney’s my favourite character.


So who’s your favourite and why?


"InTouch Weekly has gotten its hands on some interesting gossip (at least if accurate) — how much each star of The Hills get paid!"

    * Lauren Conrad: $75,000 / episode
    * Heidi Montag: $65,000 / episode
    * Spencer Pratt: $65,000 / episode
    * Audrina Patridge: $35,000 / episode
    * : $20,000 / episode
    * Brody Jenner: $10,000 / episode
    * Lauren “Lo” Bosworth: $10,000 / episode
    * Stephanie Pratt: $8,000 / episode

Source: The Hollywood Gossip

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5 comments on “The Hills – Who’s your favourite?

  1. Danielle
    August 30, 2008 at 1:01

    Whitney by far is my favorite! Lauren use to seem to be really passionate about the industry but I think “fame” has got to her! Plus, I mean I googled Whitney and she’s done so much! Worked for WWD, Teen Vogue, on the show People’s Revolution, and I heard she’s getting a spin off based in NYC working in the PR department for DVF!! Craziness eh.. she has really inspired me to become a stylist! I’m freelancing at the moment and interning at a showroom for some great upcoming designers in NYC!!

    so thanks Whitney!! X

  2. gilda
    August 30, 2008 at 3:03

    i never knew what the hills was until i got to the US a year ago. i think whitney is my favorite too. i mean, i don’t know much about these girls but she seems the most genuine and i feel like she really worked her way into those circles and didn’t get the job because of the show.

    i’m alright about lauren, but i think her fashion line is a joke.

    lo is a little b*tch, and heidi should just be put down. her entire existence is a joke and she annoys me like no one else can. hahaha! and i don’t even watch that much tv, but everytime i turn it on she comes out and annoys me! she and that boyfriend of hers. people like her make real designers look bad. people shouldn’t be allowed to have a clothing line and ridicule this very hardworking industry, just because they appear on some reality show.

  3. Make Do & Mend
    August 30, 2008 at 13:13

    Oh I’m dying to watch the hills but I’m banned from doing so – technically prevented as my MTV addiction has been stopped by not being part of our sky package.
    I love shallow gloss!

  4. Kate
    September 1, 2008 at 14:14

    I love the Hills, it’s like a guilty pleasure! I like Whitney too…she seems the most down to earth although the way Heidi and Spencer have almost created a brand of themselves is kind of admirable…in a love to hate them way!

  5. Elle
    September 17, 2008 at 13:13

    The Hills is my guilty pleasure too, it’s so unashamedly girlie. I am so terrified of the fast approaching day when MTV announces that The hills is no more. I have always had a soft spot for Whitney because she’s not involved with the ‘drama’ and seems so ambitious and absorbed by her fashion work. She was brave to leave the Teen Vogue offices and how I envy her new job at People’s Revolution. She is by far the best dressed.

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