Cupcakes & Lingerie

 playfulpromises_pressdayLondon is a great city for lingerie, there are so many styles and it’s all quite playful. I went to the Playful Promises Press Day; they were featuring their own lingerie Playful Promises, Kiss Me Deadly and Fairy Goth Mother. Kiss me Deadly has great vintage/retro inspired pieces. Their garter belt straps are just a little wider making them not only more practical but quite sexy. Lulu and Lush is a new label created by Fairy Goth Mother – they have a shop in Spitafield market and they were showing off some very girly filly knickers! Playful Promises who also sells in Top Shop has a selection of zodiac satin knickers and some great swimwear covers ups.

What is lingerie without cake? These girls looked great; they are from Betty Blythe Fine Food Pantry. I love there matching black and white dresses!
 cupcakes_fashion-party teagirls
And a little burlesque dancing to accompany an afternoon tea! I really like garter belts and love them for shoots but it’s not something I tend to wear in everyday life. I have a friend who prefers hold ups to tights and on occasion she adds a garter belt so they don’t fall down. A garter belt is one of those very sexy and functional accessories.
 image_328 image_329

 image_317At this event there was a table full of tempting ribbons, bows, feathers, lace and lots of great haberdashery. You could sit and customize a waist cincher, garter belt or frilly knickers – how fun! Customization has become so important in fashion. Adding a bow or a ribbon here or there can really make your garment unique and special. Stylist spend quite a bit of time customizing garments for shoots and videos. I also like to over dye things. Do you ever customize your own clothing?

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3 comments on “Cupcakes & Lingerie

  1. anthea
    August 22, 2008 at 16:16

    Wow looks like a magnificent event :) I recently went to a sample sale for Patricia Fieldwalker lingerie. The most I ever do is take things to get altered, but I am very inspired by all of the bloggers who alter their pieces to make them unique :)

  2. gilda
    August 22, 2008 at 22:22

    cupcakes and lingerie?? can there be anything better? the shoot looks kinda magical from your pictures.

    i design a lot of my own clothing so i do customize things i buy sometimes. i’ve hardly tried my hand at dyeing things though. the first time i tried, it was a big disaster and i just never did it again. maybe i should try on different swatches and really experiment with that again!

  3. Tatel
    August 23, 2008 at 11:11

    I just discover your blog while i was googling Diane Pernet.
    I like it very much!

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