Harvey Nichols’ Shoot

My visit to Istanbul was great but way too short. The shoot day started at about 9am and I returned to my hotel room around 2:30am. It was a long but successful day. Sometimes it doesn’t matter how long you spend at a shoot when you get the right results you just feel so happy!
I spent some of the morning at and the rest of the day at the studio. I’d never worked with the team before so you never really know what it’s going to be like – fortunately it was great. I felt like I’d known & worked with this team forever and I can’t wait to go back! The Turkish are very warm and hospitable – so kind!!! We had several people from Harvey Nics, the advertising team, production and the creative team and lots of assistants -so quite a few people.
Things that I like about Istanbul – tea in glass cups without milk, lots of nuts & fruit at the shoot and the women are quite feminine and sexy – they all seem to be pedicured & manicured.
This is a picture of the hallway of the studio.
Our hair and make team were so sweet. I don’t speak Turkish and they didn’t speak very much English – that what’s great a about photography you don’t need language to have the same vision just lots of tear sheets & mood boards!
Once the shoot has been published I’ll tell you more about it and show you some images.

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    ah how fab! Can’t wait for rest of info!

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