Luxury Council Summer Rooftop Garden Party

I really like wearing but I don’t seem to wear them often enough I feel a bit odd wearing them on the tube. I was invited to the Summer Rooftop Garden Party so it was the perfect opportunity to wear a hat! The party took place looking over the Thames river near Southwark Bridge. image_035 image_033 had a special room at the event for a selected number of guests to wear one of his special creations! image_031image_029 I used to love perfume but don’t wear it often any more. I was given some Miller Harris perfume – as they were one of the sponsors for the party and I really liked it. Scent is so personal. I love this picture of me and Courtney! We look very cool and coordinated, of course it’s the hats that make the look! image_036 To see more images check out Societa╠üs!

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