Erin Fetherston & M·A·C Cult of Cherry The Cult of Cherry really makes me want to have something in this colour – lipstick, gloss, nail polish, a dress, anything just something…the video seems to stir something inside of me, a longing for a deep rich colour… I asked designer & super cool girl Erin FetherstonContinue reading

So how much is a dream worth? Damien Hirst’s The Dream is made from glass, steel, resin, silicone and formaldehyde solution and measures 91 by 131 by 54 3/8 inches. It’s expected to sell on September 16th at a Sotheby‘s auction between £2,000,000 to £3,000,000. I was never a little girl who wanted a ponyContinue reading


I never watched The Hills until one of my work experience assistants said she wanted to work in fashion because she was inspired by The Hills. I know lots of fashion people have a love-hate relationship with TV but I’ll watch any fashion-related programme. I think I’ve watched most episodes of The Hills so IContinue reading


I really like graffiti.  Both of these phrases “She walks in beauty” and “I want to believe” make me think; they make me want something.  I’d like to be the girl who walks in beauty even though on an intellectual level I’m not exactly sure what that means. If I think about it of courseContinue reading


I’m a skin care and mascara addict but when I’m on a shoot I love to ask the make-up artist for some tips – who knows better than a working professional! Celebrity make-up Rachel Wood shares her Top 5 Beauty Trends for Autumn/Winter 08! 1- Brows, groomed but full, put away your tweezers and sayContinue reading


I think there are so many great trends for this Autumn/Winter and Romantic Goth is one of my favourite. It’s so easy to incorporate into your wardrobe. I know people either love or hate ruffles but this trend isn’t so much about being girly as it’s more about being strong & sexy. You might alreadyContinue reading


I like a brand that has attitude and something to say. 55DSL can be quite cheeky, fun and provocative. This weekend they had a party in West London to celebrate Carnival! I love advertising: images that are cheeky, that make you think, that push boundaries and that make you feel something. I know advertising isContinue reading


It’s great to see a second issue of Zink Canada! I loved the first issue and I’m a fan of Zink international – which really is the Zink US edition and you can buy it at RD Franks but the Canadian version in only available in Canada!


The beret has been around for ages and has generally been worn in the military since the mid-20th century. Although military is not a big trend this season I think the beret will be great for this Autumn/Winter 08! I love this Chanel beret; I tried it on and it’s so cute! If it’s aContinue reading


I seem to always have a love hate relationship with my mobile. I can leave the house forgetting my keys, money and all sorts of other stuff but I need to have my mobile. I recently got a new HTC Touch Diamond mobile at Vodafone. It’s nice and light, very thin. It has a largeContinue reading


London is a great city for lingerie, there are so many styles and it’s all quite playful. I went to the Playful Promises Press Day; they were featuring their own lingerie Playful Promises, Kiss Me Deadly and Fairy Goth Mother. Kiss me Deadly has great vintage/retro inspired pieces. Their garter belt straps are just aContinue reading


Julia Hederus showed her new collection for K-Swiss at their space in east London last night. One of the things that I love about London is how a party or event spills out onto the street- somehow it just make it very festive. Yes, let’s get ready and start thinking about summer 09. Sportswear inContinue reading


My assistant and I were on our way to Top Shop where she’d been spotted by 2 girls from Elle Street Style looking for cool trendsetters. They thought Sana looks like Chloë Sevigny! How cool is Sana – she even has one green and one blue eye and they are so beautiful and of courseContinue reading


Accessories can change everything. I love gloves and wish I could wear them all the time – even in the summer. Nina Peter make beautiful unique gloves that are very wearable. I always want to get my moneys worth when I buy a pair of leather gloves. Nina Peter and Gregor Pirouzi have been makingContinue reading


My visit to Istanbul was great but way too short. The shoot day started at about 9am and I returned to my hotel room around 2:30am. It was a long but successful day. Sometimes it doesn’t matter how long you spend at a shoot when you get the right results you just feel so happy!Continue reading


Amelia’s Magazine is a very cool independent magazine. It’s takes a lot of work for a magazine to do things on their own terms! That’s why I asked Amelia’s magazine – fashion industry insiders for quotes to use during my Viktor & Rolf fashion talk at the Barbican. In your opinion, what’s the best wayContinue reading

I just arrived at my hotel as we’ve finished shooting & are all packed up. It’s 2:35am & I’m being picked up at 5am. Ohh the bed looks so cozy & is calling my name. Cat nap!

Istanbul is beautiful at night! The cafes are full and children are playing in the square. It reminds me a little bit of Barcelona. It’s relentlessly hot & muggy.


I want all of these outfits!! Susanne Ostwald from Leipzig, Germany and Ingvar Helgason from Reykjavik, Iceland are the duo behind Ostwald Helgason. I love Leipzig – it’s such a cool city and the number of hair salons is astounding. I love Iceland too, there are so many interesting designers coming out of Iceland atContinue reading