Sore Feet, Blisters & Pedicures

There is nothing worse than having sore feet. I love and a don’t mind a little bit of pain, but that really hurt or cause blisters are the death of me. A while back I wore a pair of that I love, but they left me with a two inch blister and I found myself hobbling all over London. The next time you get a blister try a hydrocolloid blister plaster; it might seem like a weird idea to put a plaster that sticks right to the blister, but it actually works! You can find them at or Superdrug.
I have really dry skin so I also used some heel repair cream just because feet need that extra care in the summer! And of course who doesn’t love a good pedicure. I see so many ugly feet, I really notice them when I’m on the tube – avoiding eye contact & staring at the ground. I’m not suggesting an expensive pedicure, maybe just a bit of cream.

Recently someone asked me if I was paid to write about products on my blog. I’m not. I write about things that I like and sometimes things that I don’t like.

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2 comments on “Sore Feet, Blisters & Pedicures

  1. Make Do & Mend
    July 31, 2008 at 9:09

    Scholl’s cracked heel cream is great and you are so right about the state of peeps feet on the tube – gross!

  2. Rollergirl
    August 5, 2008 at 10:10

    Ugh, cracked heels are the worst, especially when they’re yellow as well! Yes, I too have a morbid fascination with watching the London commuter trudge up the escalator in front of me in her gorgeous sandals accessorised with dry crusty skin…bleurgh!

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