Viktor & Rolf Fashion Talk at the Barbican


Whoo, after lots of preparation the day has arrived for my fashion talk! There was lots going on during the presentation; me chatting away, a rail of inspiring clothes and quotes from fashion industry insiders about personal styling – I will post some of these quotes later. viktor_rolf_barbican_rebekah-roy3

The room was quite pack, lots of people had to sit on the floor but it had a nice vibe and it’s cool that it’s right in the heart of the exhibition beside the dolls house. Unfortunately I think quite a few people got turned away – people were already queuing before 6pm viktor_rolf_barbican_rebekah-roy12

I had a wonderful model Alys Hale from Storm to present some of the looks. She’s quite a cool girl, who has a very rock and roll style of her own and she performs in a band. Remember having the right model for the job means 80% of your work is done! I love team photos: my assistant Jennifer, me, Alys and hair & Evie!


Me with handbag designer ’s ! lady-double-you

So many great people came to the talk, several of my fashion assistant were there too – Io who is now doing shoots for Subline Magazine! I love meeting other bloggers – This is me with Kate Battrick of Make Do & Mend


Update: If you missed the Fashion Talk check out Kate’s lovely & informative post on Make & Mend Do!

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2 comments on “Viktor & Rolf Fashion Talk at the Barbican

  1. Make Do & Mend
    July 25, 2008 at 18:18

    Brilliant, brilliant evening – have done a write up on my blog. x

  2. Damn I missed it!!! Where was I last night? Hmm I was busy at home typing up clothing credits and chasing up PRs…….ARGH!!!!

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