Lunch on Savile Row at Satoria with Maruti

When lunching in a restaurant on you naturally expect to see handsome men in suits. is a tailor themed restaurant & inspired by Milan of the 30s. Suit jackets from Savile Row tailors:like Richard James & Henry Poole are framed on the wall, there are subtle touch of tailoring and humours stands of real body shapes grace the room!
We had a delicious lunch. Lunch is quite decadent for me, I always eat breakfast but usually I seem to be half munching on a Pret sandwich & carrying loads of bags while running around central London.
The lunch was in honour of the young Italian shoe brand Maruti! Their new collection is available not only in the UK but has recently started selling in Canada and the US. It constantly astounds me the amount of work it takes to make a product a global brand!

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