Seiko in Space – Function creates fashion

For many designers function versus fashion is optional. watch – But if you’re making a watch that’s going to outer space, this is function at it’s most extreme. Somehow has manage to create a watch that displays the most accurate time in the world in outer space that looks cool! The watch maybe the only piece of that we wear that serves both as function and fashion. Seiko celebrated the launch of the Seiko Spring Drive Space Walk at one of London’s tallest building "The Gherkin". This watch is deigned to keep accurate time during space and a space walk! As a fashionista I’ve really never thought how does one keep time in outer space? Hmmm, it’s actually a huge question. Just the pure mechanics & the weather, how do you keep time in extreme climates -20C to +70C? You can’t wear a battery operated watch for safety reasons and a mechanical watch can’t retain it’s accuracy in these temperatures. So Seiko created a Spring Drive that has Tri-synchro Regulators. In October 2008, Richard Garriott, the renowned video game designer and adventurer, will become the sixth private space explorer. This is an image of the Spring Drive Spacewalk as Richard plans to wear it when he goes into free space! seiko_10_02_spacewalk Things to know when you’re designing a watch that will be worn in outer space.

  • The air tight case – the watch needs to be air tight because of the vacuum of free space.
  • The lightness of the watch – High Intensity Titanium – Everything that goes into space needs to be as light and strong as possible.
  • The most readable dial. The astronauts need to be able to read the time & elapse time at a glance
  • Maximum ease of use – Remember the astronauts are wearing so the buttons need to be oversized & accessible so they can be easily used.
  • img194 This was the most amazing view and as close to space as I’ll ever get. It’s really important to think about locations for a launch and how the location represents the brand. This space couldn’t have been more ideal for The Seiko Spring Drive Spacewalk. At the very top of The Gherkin there is a reception room and of course it’s high in the sky like a glass rocket. You feel amazing and just lucky to be in such a unique space. img200 img197 img202 For those of us not going to the moon I like the Seiko Kinetic . I just like the idea of kinetic it utilize the power from the human body to keep the watch running! So what happens if you take the watch off for a while? Well Seiko Kinetic have a 6 month power reserve. So there are no excuses for being fashionably late! seiko_womens05_05_arctura

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