Products I Can’t live without: Boots Nº7 Eye Make up Remover


I am addicted to mascara and I’m dying to try the new Estée Lauder and Lancôme vibrating mascaras. I’m not brand loyal about mascaras as I’ll try anything if it will give me big full lashes!  I am obsessed with skin care and I’ve never worn make-up to bed – ever. I always feel validated when I see a product I use in a make-up artist’s kit. A good is very picky about the products they use, so you know they use only what they really like. I don’t usually brag about products but since I’ve been in the UK I discovered No7 Cleanse & Care Eye Make up Remover and I can’t live without it. I can wear several (many) coats of mascara so eye make-up remover is very important to me. I’ve learned that you can buy it in Canada so I’ve got my mum hooked on it too!

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2 comments on “Products I Can’t live without: Boots Nº7 Eye Make up Remover

  1. Kit
    June 23, 2008 at 19:19

    Hi Rebekkah, I’m afraid I’ve tagged you to reveal your seven spring songs

  2. Stephanie
    June 30, 2008 at 12:12

    Eye make-up remover is essential to all women. I never usually used eye make-up remover until i got to college. It is just so wonderful to use after a “night out” with the girls and works in like 2 minutes. I wear make-up everyday for work or for class so I need it. I play basketball and it was essential for me because I had to leave class, go to my game, and have that handy so I could hurry and take it off.

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