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Wonderful Hair Extentions

img934 Wonderful Hair ExtentionsYesterday’s shoot was all about Wonderful Hair. I’ve never had hair extensions and have never had the desire to have them – until today that is.

img942 Wonderful Hair Extentions
I love how Yulia looks while waiting for her hair to be done. Most models bring a book or something, occasionally I’ve known models who knit to pass the time.
img963 Wonderful Hair Extentions
This was a busy shoot as we had lots to accomplish but we really had a great team and worked really well together.
img934 Wonderful Hair ExtentionsI think too many people are thinking that working in fashion is just like life in The Hills! Although The Hills is my assistant’s favourite show she knows what really happens on a shoot & how much work is really involved.
img976 Wonderful Hair Extentions
And yes, sometimes there are perks! The perk was some red hair extentions!!

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