Leon Bailey Green of OSOYOU

I recently met with the lovely Leon Bailey Green. He is an online marketing and branding consultant. He is also the director of marketing for OSOYOU.

OSOYOU is one stop shop which helps shoppers navigate their way round the internet. If you’re looking for a OSOYOU is going to give you a selection from many different shops – my search results gave me “18,947 items “! Of course this is a lot of dresses but it’s really only about 30 pages and I could have refined my search. So really it’s just not a lot of click-throughs to find the perfect dress!

Dawn Bebe is the Managing Director of OSOYOU and if it wasn’t for her and all her persistence and hard work we would not have !! She’s responsible for bringing to the UK! It’s one of my favourite weekly reads

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2 comments on “Leon Bailey Green of OSOYOU

  1. Tara R
    June 9, 2008 at 7:07

    I read an article about OSOYOU the other day and after an incredible £50m investment (crazy amount) the concept just isn;t taking off.The VC company must be cacking themselves to say the least. I’ve registered and basically the problem is that it’s just another web application that people don’t want to download I’m afraid to say. Also, takes far too long to find anything. I think £50m could have been better spent to be honest but good luck to them! Take a leaf out of ASOS book and come up with a ‘simple’ concept.

  2. sarah
    September 8, 2008 at 13:13

    I read in an interview with Leon Bailey on internet marketing news that they spent £1 million on OSOYOU, considering what sites like ASOS spend on their site it seems a very small amount. I quite like it although I agree it could be easier to find stuff. The trends are really spot on and I use it to get to all my favorite shops in one place as well as saving stuff so I can compare before buying. They have got 16,000 people saving stuff so I guess I’m not the only one who likes it!

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