Stonefoxx at the O2 Arena

Stonefoxx performed at the O2 Arena – they’re the opening act for Shane Ward’s UK tour! Of course I’m biased because I’ve known them for a couple of years and I just want everyone to dance around listening to them on the radio!
Stacy, Lizzy and Gem!

We watched Shane Ward from a private box – and his fans were totally crazy over him!

The team from left to right: James, Gem Allen, Alex, Alex Foden hair stylist and make-up artist Lauren Parsons.

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2 comments on “Stonefoxx at the O2 Arena

  1. Gem
    June 2, 2008 at 1:01

    Hey Rebekah!

    Just seen this. Thanks for all your support. Sorry hadnt replied to ur text yet but we had a GREAT time on tour!!! Sooooooooo much fun and Shayne asked us to do a few extra dates at festivals in ireland 18th, 19th june! 70-80 thousand people he said!! Madness!

    Anyway…i wanna see the rest of the pix from o2. U r the queen of taking photos so im sure u have loads haha x

  2. lorraine
    June 10, 2008 at 21:21

    went to o2 arena to see shayne may 21st with my daughter and we both loved stonefoxx you girls were awesome well done great show

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