The Reality Bag by PUMA® Urban Mobility

launched The Reality Bag a while back in January 2008. I’m quite partial to PUMA bags, and I have a black one that I love but it’s started to look a bit tattered, so I don’t use it but I can’t get rid of it. I saw The Reality Bag at the Puma shop on today – ooh a big bag! The Reality Bag is by PUMA® Urban Mobility and the Serpentine Gallery. Multiple artists: John Armleder, John Trembley & Philippe Decreuza created the bag. I like the concept of the Urban Mobility collection & there’s even a bicycle and .



I do feel like I walk around with my whole life in my handbag and somehow it becomes quite simplified although the bigger the bag the more I carry. For example I usually wear flat because I’m running errands or going to meetings, if I have a bigger bag I might add some heels – just in case…and maybe another lipstick or gloss…The reverse is also true, if I have a small bag, I carry maybe one piece of ID, some cash – usually not in a wallet or purse as it takes up too much space, mobile, house keys & lip gloss.

I do love & identify with the name, Urban Mobility. I want to live in urban settings and I want to be mobile and I like shiny things :)

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  1. Sarah
    May 20, 2008 at 10:10

    I’m the same I either have a large bag with too much stuff or I don’t have a bag at all and everthing is in my pockets.

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