Camden & The Proud Gallery

I haven’t been to for ages on a Sunday. I forgot how much I liked it: the people, the tourists who’ve never seen a before and all the market stalls. It’s still a great place to find things for a shoot. I’ve found so many cool things in from martial arts equipment to a super cute black and white polka dot hoodie with cat ears and a tail!

In many shops you’re not allowed to take photos but since I bought something the shopkeeper said it was fine. The reason they don’t like it, is not so much that they worry about people copying their designs it’s more about people gawking at them.

In the new part of the stables you’ll find all the old antiques and vintage shops. In Canada I used to feel compelled to buy an object if it seemed rare or unusual – but in London for the most part I know I can return to Camden or Portobello and find what I’m looking for.


This is the Proud Gallery, it’s reopened and it’s really cool inside. There is a section of “stables” that have become private rooms – which could be quite fun and there is an exhibition Glenmorangie 5 Senses by Mike Figgis, it’s the first exhibition to be held in the re opened venue!

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  1. Coco
    May 20, 2008 at 6:06

    I know what you mean, I once went to check out Portobello and it was a unique expirence. Althought LOVELY

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