Dog Accessories

The dog is no longer man’s best friend but has become a delightful fashion accessory. Over the past few years I’ve seen quite a few fluffy pink lap dogs. I find the dogs quite amusing, cute and slightly odd – all at the same time. I must admit I’m kind of drawn to the dog, I’m just not sure that if I had a dog that I’d dye her fur.

This puppy was born last week, and so far, he is perfectly healthy… he’s just green. Veterinarians say this can happen when the mother’s amniotic fluid mixes with the placenta during birth and dyes the coat of the puppy. In a few weeks, the green will fade and the puppy become it’s natural colour.


I love Japanese fashion and their love for their ! The Japanese company Merry Do Beauty Products, offer a rainbow of colours for your pet! They even have 10 different colours of nail polish for you pet made from natural plant ingredients, combined with natural Vitamin E!


This is a special mud bath for the dog, how cute is he! I love spas but I wonder if the dog likes it, if it’s fun for him, maybe he likes all the attention and praise? I would.

[Source NBC]

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  1. collie
    August 20, 2008 at 22:22

    If you think a dog is a fashion accessory that you can dye at will, you’re a horrid, cruel human being and deserve to be dyed head to toe against your will.

    Thx. <3

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