My Mobile

palm_treo_750v2_small.jpg I realized that I can leave the house without my Oyster Card, map book, bank card, money or even house keys but I can not leave the house without my mobile. I think I have some kind of addiction. I’d be lost without it -perhaps even panic stricken. I wouldn’t know what I was doing or where I was going. My life is on my mobile. baby bottle i stock1.JPG I never had a baby blanket and I don’t really remember demanding my baby bottle – but my teddy bear went everywhere with me – just like my mobile. I think it’s the adult security blanket. It might be necessary and practical. I don’t even have a landline so of course I can justify my mobile. If I’m going to purchase a little evening bag I first check that it will fit my mobile. Function over fashion? Yikes! teddy.jpg Sometimes I find myself holding my mobile or checking that it’s still in my pocket. I used to share secrets and talk to my teddy, and now as an adult I think I have replaced my teddy with my mobile.

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